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  • English Word Laced Definition Decorated with the fabric lace.
  • English Word Laced Definition Fastened with a lace or laces; decorated with narrow strips or braid. See Lace, v. t.
  • English Word Lacedaemonian Definition Of or pertaining to Lacedaemon or Sparta, the chief city of Laconia in the Peloponnesus.
  • English Word Lacedaemonian Definition A Spartan.
  • English Word Laceman Definition A man who deals in lace.
  • English Word Lacemen Definition of Laceman
  • English Word Lacerable Definition That can be lacerated or torn.
  • English Word Lacerate Definition To tear; to rend; to separate by tearing; to mangle; as, to lacerate the flesh. Hence: To afflict; to torture; as, to lacerate the heart.
  • English Word Lacerate Definition Alt. of Lacerated
  • English Word Lacerated Definition of Lacerate
  • English Word Lacerated Definition Rent; torn; mangled; as, a lacerated wound.
  • English Word Lacerated Definition Jagged, or slashed irregularly, at the end, or along the edge.
  • English Word Lacerating Definition of Lacerate
  • English Word Laceration Definition The act of lacerating.
  • English Word Laceration Definition A breach or wound made by lacerating.
  • English Word Lacerative Definition Lacerating, or having the power to lacerate; as, lacerative humors.
  • English Word Lacert Definition A muscle of the human body.
  • English Word Lacerta Definition A fathom.
  • English Word Lacerta Definition A genus of lizards. See Lizard.
  • English Word Lacerta Definition The Lizard, a northern constellation.
  • English Word Lacerti Definition of Lacertus
  • English Word Lacertian Definition Like a lizard; of or pertaining to the Lacertilia.
  • English Word Lacertian Definition One of the Lacertilia.
  • English Word Lacertilia Definition An order of Reptilia, which includes the lizards.
  • English Word Lacertilian Definition Same as Lacertian.
  • English Word Lacertiloid Definition Like or belonging to the Lacertilia.
  • English Word Lacertine Definition Lacertian.
  • English Word Lacertus Definition A bundle or fascicle of muscular fibers.
  • English Word Lacewing Definition Any one of several species of neuropterous insects of the genus Chrysopa and allied genera. They have delicate, lacelike wings and brilliant eyes. Their larvae are useful in destroying aphids. Called also lace-winged fly, and goldeneyed fly.
  • English Word Lache Definition Neglect; negligence; remissness; neglect to do a thing at the proper time; delay to assert a claim.