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  • English Word -head Definition A variant of -hood.
  • English Word -hood Definition A termination denoting state, condition, quality, character, totality, as in manhood, childhood, knighthood, brotherhood. Sometimes it is written, chiefly in obsolete words, in the form -head.
  • English Word H Definition The seventh degree in the diatonic scale, being used by the Germans for B natural. See B.
  • English Word Ha Definition An exclamation denoting surprise, joy, or grief. Both as uttered and as written, it expresses a great variety of emotions, determined by the tone or the context. When repeated, ha, ha, it is an expression of laughter, satisfaction, or triumph, sometimes of derisive laughter; or sometimes it is equivalent to "Well, it is so."
  • English Word Ha-ha Definition A sunk fence; a fence, wall, or ditch, not visible till one is close upon it.
  • English Word Haaf Definition The deepsea fishing for cod, ling, and tusk, off the Shetland Isles.
  • English Word Haak Definition A sea fish. See Hake.
  • English Word Haar Definition A fog; esp., a fog or mist with a chill wind.
  • English Word Habeas corpus Definition A writ having for its object to bring a party before a court or judge; especially, one to inquire into the cause of a person's imprisonment or detention by another, with the view to protect the right to personal liberty; also, one to bring a prisoner into court to testify in a pending trial.
  • English Word Habendum Definition That part of a deed which follows the part called the premises, and determines the extent of the interest or estate granted; -- so called because it begins with the word Habendum.
  • English Word Haberdash Definition To deal in small wares.
  • English Word Haberdasher Definition A dealer in drapery goods of various descriptions, as laces, silks, trimmings, etc.
  • English Word Haberdasher Definition A dealer in small wares, as tapes, pins, needles, and thread; also, a hatter.
  • English Word Haberdashery Definition The goods and wares sold by a haberdasher; also (Fig.), trifles.
  • English Word Haberdine Definition A cod salted and dried.
  • English Word Habergeon Definition Properly, a short hauberk, but often used loosely for the hauberk.
  • English Word Habiitancy Definition Same as Inhabitancy.
  • English Word Habilatory Definition Of or pertaining to clothing; wearing clothes.
  • English Word Habile Definition Fit; qualified; also, apt.
  • English Word Habiliment Definition A garment; an article of clothing.
  • English Word Habiliment Definition Dress, in general.
  • English Word Habilimented Definition Clothed. Taylor (1630).
  • English Word Habilitate Definition Qualified or entitled.
  • English Word Habilitate Definition To fit out; to equip; to qualify; to entitle.
  • English Word Habilitation Definition Equipment; qualification.
  • English Word Hability Definition Ability; aptitude.
  • English Word Habit Definition The general appearance and manner of life of a living organism.
  • English Word Habit Definition To accustom; to habituate. [Obs.] Chapman.
  • English Word Habit Definition To dress; to clothe; to array.
  • English Word Habit Definition To inhabit.