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  • English Word Labial Definition A letter or character representing an articulation or sound formed or uttered chiefly with the lips, as b, p, w.
  • English Word Labial Definition An organ pipe that is furnished with lips; a flue pipe.
  • English Word Labial Definition One of the scales which border the mouth of a fish or reptile.
  • English Word Labialism Definition The quality of being labial; as, the labialism of an articulation; conversion into a labial, as of a sound which is different in another language.
  • English Word Labialization Definition The modification of an articulation by contraction of the lip opening.
  • English Word Labialize Definition To modify by contraction of the lip opening.
  • English Word Labially Definition In a labial manner; with, or by means of, the lips.
  • English Word Labiate Definition To labialize.
  • English Word Labiate Definition A plant of the order Labiatae.
  • English Word Labiate Definition Belonging to a natural order of plants (Labiatae), of which the mint, sage, and catnip are examples. They are mostly aromatic herbs.
  • English Word Labiate Definition Having the limb of a tubular corolla or calyx divided into two unequal parts, one projecting over the other like the lips of a mouth, as in the snapdragon, sage, and catnip.
  • English Word Labiated Definition Same as Labiate, a. (a).
  • English Word Labiatifloral Definition Alt. of Labiatifloral
  • English Word Labiatifloral Definition Having labiate flowers, as the snapdragon.
  • English Word Labidometer Definition A forceps with a measuring attachment for ascertaining the size of the fetal head.
  • English Word Labile Definition Liable to slip, err, fall, or apostatize.
  • English Word Lability Definition Liability to lapse, err, or apostatize.
  • English Word Labimeter Definition See Labidometer.
  • English Word Labiodental Definition Formed or pronounced by the cooperation of the lips and teeth, as f and v.
  • English Word Labiodental Definition A labiodental sound or letter.
  • English Word Labionasal Definition Formed by the lips and the nose.
  • English Word Labionasal Definition A labionasal sound or letter.
  • English Word Labiose Definition Having the appearance of being labiate; -- said of certain polypetalous corollas.
  • English Word Labipalpi Definition of Labipalpus
  • English Word Labipalpus Definition One of the labial palpi of an insect. See Illust. under Labium.
  • English Word Labium Definition A lip, or liplike organ.
  • English Word Labium Definition The lip of an organ pipe.
  • English Word Labium Definition The folds of integument at the opening of the vulva.
  • English Word Labium Definition The organ of insects which covers the mouth beneath, and serves as an under lip. It consists of the second pair of maxillae, usually closely united in the middle line, but bearing a pair of palpi in most insects. It often consists of a thin anterior part (ligula or palpiger) and a firmer posterior plate (mentum).
  • English Word Labium Definition Inner margin of the aperture of a shell.