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  • English Word -ferous Definition A suffix signifying bearing, producing, yielding; as, auriferous, yielding gold; chyliferous, producing chyle.
  • English Word -fish Definition of Crayfish
  • English Word -fishes Definition of Crayfish
  • English Word -ful Definition A suffix signifying full of, abounding with; as, boastful, harmful, woeful.
  • English Word -fy Definition A suffix signifying to make, to form into, etc.; as, acetify, amplify, dandify, Frenchify, etc.
  • English Word F Definition The name of the fourth tone of the model scale, or scale of C. F sharp (F /) is a tone intermediate between F and G.
  • English Word Fa Definition A syllable applied to the fourth tone of the diatonic scale in solmization.
  • English Word Fa Definition The tone F.
  • English Word Faair-spoken Definition Using fair speech, or uttered with fairness; bland; civil; courteous; plausible.
  • English Word Fabaceous Definition Having the nature of a bean; like a bean.
  • English Word Fabella Definition One of the small sesamoid bones situated behind the condyles of the femur, in some mammals.
  • English Word Fabellae Definition of Fabella
  • English Word Fabian Definition Of, pertaining to, or in the manner of, the Roman general, Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus; cautious; dilatory; avoiding a decisive contest.
  • English Word Fable Definition A Feigned story or tale, intended to instruct or amuse; a fictitious narration intended to enforce some useful truth or precept; an apologue. See the Note under Apologue.
  • English Word Fable Definition The plot, story, or connected series of events, forming the subject of an epic or dramatic poem.
  • English Word Fable Definition Any story told to excite wonder; common talk; the theme of talk.
  • English Word Fable Definition Fiction; untruth; falsehood.
  • English Word Fable Definition To compose fables; hence, to write or speak fiction ; to write or utter what is not true.
  • English Word Fable Definition To feign; to invent; to devise, and speak of, as true or real; to tell of falsely.
  • English Word Fabled Definition of Fable
  • English Word Fabler Definition A writer of fables; a fabulist; a dealer in untruths or falsehoods.
  • English Word Fabliau Definition One of the metrical tales of the Trouveres, or early poets of the north of France.
  • English Word Fabliaux Definition of Fabliau
  • English Word Fabling Definition of Fable
  • English Word Fabric Definition The structure of anything; the manner in which the parts of a thing are united; workmanship; texture; make; as cloth of a beautiful fabric.
  • English Word Fabric Definition To frame; to build; to construct.
  • English Word Fabric Definition Any system or structure consisting of connected parts; as, the fabric of the universe.
  • English Word Fabric Definition Cloth of any kind that is woven or knit from fibers, either vegetable or animal; manufactured cloth; as, silks or other fabrics.
  • English Word Fabric Definition Framework; structure; edifice; building.
  • English Word Fabric Definition That which is fabricated