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  • English Word Lyric Definition A composer of lyric poems.
  • English Word Lyric Definition A verse of the kind usually employed in lyric poetry; -- used chiefly in the plural.
  • English Word Lyric Definition The words of a song.
  • English Word Lyrical Definition Of or pertaining to a lyre or harp.
  • English Word Lyrical Definition Fitted to be sung to the lyre; hence, also, appropriate for song; -- said especially of poetry which expresses the individual emotions of the poet.
  • English Word Lyrically Definition In a lyrical manner.
  • English Word Lyricism Definition A lyric composition.
  • English Word Lyrid Definition One of the group of shooting stars which come into the air in certain years on or about the 19th of April; -- so called because the apparent path among the stars the stars if produced back wards crosses the constellation Lyra.
  • English Word Lyrie Definition A European fish (Peristethus cataphractum), having the body covered with bony plates, and having three spines projecting in front of the nose; -- called also noble, pluck, pogge, sea poacher, and armed bullhead.
  • English Word Lyriferous Definition Having a lyre-shaped shoulder girdle, as certain fishes.
  • English Word Lyrism Definition The act of playing on a lyre or harp.
  • English Word Lyrist Definition A musician who plays on the harp or lyre; a composer of lyrical poetry.
  • English Word Lysimeter Definition An instrument for measuring the water that percolates through a certain depth of soil.
  • English Word Lysis Definition The resolution or favorable termination of a disease, coming on gradually and not marked by abrupt change.
  • English Word Lyssa Definition Hydrophobia.
  • English Word Lyterian Definition Terminating a disease; indicating the end of a disease.
  • English Word Lythe Definition The European pollack; -- called also laith, and leet.
  • English Word Lythe Definition Soft; flexible.
  • English Word Lythonthriptic Definition Alt. of Lythontriptic
  • English Word Lythontriptic Definition See Lithontriptic.
  • English Word Lytta Definition A fibrous and muscular band lying within the longitudinal axis of the tongue in many mammals, as the dog. M () M, the thirteenth letter of the English alphabet, is a vocal consonant, and from the manner of its formation, is called the labio-nasal consonant. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 178-180, 242.
  • English Word Lyttae Definition of Lytta