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  • English Word -la Definition of Interoperculum
  • English Word -lae Definition of Pseudostella
  • English Word -lae Definition of Lingula
  • English Word -las Definition of Plumula
  • English Word -lea Definition of Mausoleum
  • English Word -less Definition A privative adjective suffix, denoting without, destitute of, not having; as witless, childless, fatherless.
  • English Word -let Definition A noun suffix having a diminutive force; as in streamlet, wavelet, armlet.
  • English Word -ling Definition An adverbial suffix; as, darkling, flatling.
  • English Word -ling Definition A noun suffix, commonly having a diminutive or a depreciatory force; as in duckling, gosling, hireling, fosterling, firstling, underling.
  • English Word -lite Definition Combining forms fr. Gr. li`qos a stone; -- used chiefly in naming minerals and rocks.
  • English Word -lith Definition Alt. of -lite
  • English Word -logy Definition A combining form denoting a discourse, treatise, doctrine, theory, science; as, theology, geology, biology, mineralogy.
  • English Word -ly Definition A suffix forming adjectives and adverbs, and denoting likeness or resemblance.
  • English Word L Definition As a numeral, L stands for fifty in the English, as in the Latin language.
  • English Word L Definition An extension at right angles to the length of a main building, giving to the ground plan a form resembling the letter L; sometimes less properly applied to a narrower, or lower, extension in the direction of the length of the main building; a wing.
  • English Word L Definition A short right-angled pipe fitting, used in connecting two pipes at right angles.
  • English Word L'envoi Definition Alt. of L'envoy
  • English Word L'envoy Definition One or more detached verses at the end of a literary composition, serving to convey the moral, or to address the poem to a particular person; -- orig. employed in old French poetry.
  • English Word L'envoy Definition A conclusion; a result.
  • English Word La Definition A syllable applied to the sixth tone of the scale in music in solmization.
  • English Word La Definition The tone A; -- so called among the French and Italians.
  • English Word La Definition Look; see; behold; -- sometimes followed by you.
  • English Word La Definition An exclamation of surprise; -- commonly followed by me; as, La me!
  • English Word Laas Definition A lace. See Lace.
  • English Word Lab Definition To prate; to gossip; to babble; to blab.
  • English Word Lab Definition A telltale; a prater; a blabber.
  • English Word Labadist Definition A follower of Jean de Labadie, a religious teacher of the 17th century, who left the Roman Catholic Church and taught a kind of mysticism, and the obligation of community of property among Christians.
  • English Word Labara Definition of Labarum
  • English Word Labarraque's solution Definition An aqueous solution of hypochlorite of sodium, extensively used as a disinfectant.
  • English Word Labarum Definition The standard adopted by the Emperor Constantine after his conversion to Christianity. It is described as a pike bearing a silk banner hanging from a crosspiece, and surmounted by a golden crown. It bore a monogram of the first two letters (CHR) of the name of Christ in its Greek form. Later, the name was given to various modifications of this standard.