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  • English Word Laborious Definition Devoted to labor; diligent; industrious; as, a laborious mechanic.
  • English Word Laborless Definition Not involving labor; not laborious; easy.
  • English Word Laborous Definition Laborious.
  • English Word Laborsome Definition Made with, or requiring, great labor, pains, or diligence.
  • English Word Laborsome Definition Likely or inclined to roll or pitch, as a ship in a heavy sea; having a tendency to labor.
  • English Word Labra Definition of Labrum
  • English Word Labrador Definition A region of British America on the Atlantic coast, north of Newfoundland.
  • English Word Labradorite Definition A kind of feldspar commonly showing a beautiful play of colors, and hence much used for ornamental purposes. The finest specimens come from Labrador. See Feldspar.
  • English Word Labras Definition Lips.
  • English Word Labri Definition of Labrus
  • English Word Labroid Definition Like the genus Labrus; belonging to the family Labridae, an extensive family of marine fishes, often brilliantly colored, which are very abundant in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The tautog and cunner are American examples.
  • English Word Labrose Definition Having thick lips.
  • English Word Labrum Definition A lip or edge, as of a basin.
  • English Word Labrum Definition An organ in insects and crustaceans covering the upper part of the mouth, and serving as an upper lip. See Illust. of Hymenoptera.
  • English Word Labrum Definition The external margin of the aperture of a shell. See Univalve.
  • English Word Labrums Definition of Labrum
  • English Word Labrus Definition A genus of marine fishes, including the wrasses of Europe. See Wrasse.
  • English Word Laburnic Definition Of, pertaining to, or derived from, the laburnum.
  • English Word Laburnine Definition A poisonous alkaloid found in the unripe seeds of the laburnum.
  • English Word Laburnum Definition A small leguminous tree (Cytisus Laburnum), native of the Alps. The plant is reputed to be poisonous, esp. the bark and seeds. It has handsome racemes of yellow blossoms.
  • English Word Labyrinth Definition An edifice or place full of intricate passageways which render it difficult to find the way from the interior to the entrance; as, the Egyptian and Cretan labyrinths.
  • English Word Labyrinth Definition Any intricate or involved inclosure; especially, an ornamental maze or inclosure in a park or garden.
  • English Word Labyrinth Definition Any object or arrangement of an intricate or involved form, or having a very complicated nature.
  • English Word Labyrinth Definition An inextricable or bewildering difficulty.
  • English Word Labyrinth Definition The internal ear. See Note under Ear.
  • English Word Labyrinth Definition A series of canals through which a stream of water is directed for suspending, carrying off, and depositing at different distances, the ground ore of a metal.
  • English Word Labyrinth Definition A pattern or design representing a maze, -- often inlaid in the tiled floor of a church, etc.
  • English Word Labyrinthal Definition Pertaining to, or resembling, a labyrinth; intricate; labyrinthian.
  • English Word Labyrinthian Definition Intricately winding; like a labyrinth; perplexed; labyrinthal.
  • English Word Labyrinthibranch Definition Of or pertaining to the Labyrinthici.