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  • English Word Lymphography Definition A description of the lymphatic vessels, their origin and uses.
  • English Word Lymphoid Definition Resembling lymph; also, resembling a lymphatic gland; adenoid; as, lymphoid tissue.
  • English Word Lymphoma Definition A tumor having a structure resembling that of a lymphatic gland; -- called also lymphadenoma.
  • English Word Lymphy Definition Containing, or like, lymph.
  • English Word Lyn Definition A waterfall. See Lin.
  • English Word Lyncean Definition Of or pertaining to the lynx.
  • English Word Lynch Definition To inflict punishment upon, especially death, without the forms of law, as when a mob captures and hangs a suspected person. See Lynch law.
  • English Word Lynch law Definition The act or practice by private persons of inflicting punishment for crimes or offenses, without due process of law.
  • English Word Lynched Definition of Lynch
  • English Word Lyncher Definition One who assists in lynching.
  • English Word Lynching Definition of Lynch
  • English Word Lynde Definition Alt. of Lynden
  • English Word Lynden Definition See Linden.
  • English Word Lyne Definition Linen.
  • English Word Lynx Definition Any one of several species of feline animals of the genus Felis, and subgenus Lynx. They have a short tail, and usually a pencil of hair on the tip of the ears.
  • English Word Lynx Definition One of the northern constellations.
  • English Word Lynx-eyed Definition Having acute sight.
  • English Word Lyonnaise Definition Applied to boiled potatoes cut into small pieces and heated in oil or butter. They are usually flavored with onion and parsley.
  • English Word Lyopomata Definition An order of brachiopods, in which the valves of shell are not articulated by a hinge. It includes the Lingula, Discina, and allied forms.
  • English Word Lyra Definition A northern constellation, the Harp, containing a white star of the first magnitude, called Alpha Lyrae, or Vega.
  • English Word Lyra Definition The middle portion of the ventral surface of the fornix of the brain; -- so called from the arrangement of the lines with which it is marked in the human brain.
  • English Word Lyraid Definition Same as Lyrid.
  • English Word Lyrate Definition Alt. of Lyrated
  • English Word Lyrated Definition Lyre-shaped, or spatulate and oblong, with small lobes toward the base; as, a lyrate leaf.
  • English Word Lyrated Definition Shaped like a lyre, as the tail of the blackcock, or that of the lyre bird.
  • English Word Lyre Definition A stringed instrument of music; a kind of harp much used by the ancients, as an accompaniment to poetry.
  • English Word Lyre Definition One of the constellations; Lyra. See Lyra.
  • English Word Lyre bird Definition Any one of two or three species of Australian birds of the genus Menura. The male is remarkable for having the sixteen tail feathers very long and, when spread, arranged in the form of a lyre. The common lyre bird (Menura superba), inhabiting New South Wales, is about the size of a grouse. Its general color is brown, with rufous color on the throat, wings, tail coverts and tail. Called also lyre pheasant and lyre-tail.
  • English Word Lyric Definition Alt. of Lyrical
  • English Word Lyric Definition A lyric poem; a lyrical composition.