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  • English Word Lyencephalous Definition Pertaining to, or characteristic of, the Lyencephala.
  • English Word Lyerman Definition The cicada.
  • English Word Lygodium Definition A genus of ferns with twining or climbing fronds, bearing stalked and variously-lobed divisions in pairs.
  • English Word Lying Definition of Lie, to tell a falsehood.
  • English Word Lying Definition of Lie, to be supported horizontally.
  • English Word Lying Definition of Lie
  • English Word Lying Definition of Lie
  • English Word Lying-in Definition The state attending, and consequent to, childbirth; confinement.
  • English Word Lying-in Definition The act of bearing a child.
  • English Word Lyingly Definition In a lying manner; falsely.
  • English Word Lyken Definition To please; -- chiefly used impersonally.
  • English Word Lym Definition Alt. of Lymhound
  • English Word Lymail Definition See Limaille.
  • English Word Lyme grass Definition A coarse perennial grass of several species of Elymus, esp. E. Canadensis, and the European E. arenarius.
  • English Word Lymhound Definition A dog held in a leam; a bloodhound; a limehound.
  • English Word Lymph Definition A spring of water; hence, water, or a pure, transparent liquid like water.
  • English Word Lymph Definition An alkaline colorless fluid, contained in the lymphatic vessels, coagulable like blood, but free from red blood corpuscles. It is absorbed from the various tissues and organs of the body, and is finally discharged by the thoracic and right lymphatic ducts into the great veins near the heart.
  • English Word Lymph Definition A fibrinous material exuded from the blood vessels in inflammation. In the process of healing it is either absorbed, or is converted into connective tissue binding the inflamed surfaces together.
  • English Word Lymphadenitis Definition Inflammation of the lymphatic glands; -- called also lymphitis.
  • English Word Lymphadenoma Definition See Lymphoma.
  • English Word Lymphangeitis Definition Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels.
  • English Word Lymphangial Definition Of or pertaining to the lymphatics, or lymphoid tissue; lymphatic.
  • English Word Lymphate Definition Alt. of Lymphated
  • English Word Lymphated Definition Frightened into madness; raving.
  • English Word Lymphatic Definition pertaining to, containing, or conveying lymph.
  • English Word Lymphatic Definition Madly enthusiastic; frantic.
  • English Word Lymphatic Definition One of the lymphatic or absorbent vessels, which carry lymph and discharge it into the veins; lymph duct; lymphatic duct.
  • English Word Lymphatic Definition A mad enthusiast; a lunatic.
  • English Word Lymphitis Definition See Lymphadenitis.
  • English Word Lymphogenic Definition Connected with, or formed in, the lymphatic glands.