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  • English Word -vetted Definition of Curvet
  • English Word -vetting Definition of Curvet
  • English Word V Definition As a numeral, V stands for five, in English and Latin.
  • English Word V hook Definition A gab at the end of an eccentric rod, with long jaws, shaped like the letter V.
  • English Word V moth Definition A common gray European moth (Halia vauaria) having a V-shaped spot of dark brown on each of the fore wings.
  • English Word Vaagmer Definition The dealfish.
  • English Word Vacancies Definition of Vacancy
  • English Word Vacancy Definition The quality or state of being vacant; emptiness; hence, freedom from employment; intermission; leisure; idleness; listlessness.
  • English Word Vacancy Definition A place or post unfilled; an unoccupied office; as, a vacancy in the senate, in a school, etc.
  • English Word Vacancy Definition An open or unoccupied space between bodies or things; an interruption of continuity; chasm; gap; as, a vacancy between buildings; a vacancy between sentences or thoughts.
  • English Word Vacancy Definition Empty space; vacuity; vacuum.
  • English Word Vacancy Definition That which is vacant.
  • English Word Vacancy Definition Unemployed time; interval of leisure; time of intermission; vacation.
  • English Word Vacant Definition Empty of thought; thoughtless; not occupied with study or reflection; as, a vacant mind.
  • English Word Vacant Definition Unengaged with business or care; unemployed; unoccupied; disengaged; free; as, vacant hours.
  • English Word Vacant Definition Deprived of contents; not filled; empty; as, a vacant room.
  • English Word Vacant Definition Not filled or occupied by an incumbent, possessor, or officer; as, a vacant throne; a vacant parish.
  • English Word Vacant Definition Abandoned; having no heir, possessor, claimant, or occupier; as, a vacant estate.
  • English Word Vacantly Definition In a vacant manner; inanely.
  • English Word Vacate Definition To make vacant; to leave empty; to cease from filling or occupying; as, it was resolved by Parliament that James had vacated the throne of England; the tenant vacated the house.
  • English Word Vacate Definition To annul; to make void; to deprive of force; to make of no authority or validity; as, to vacate a commission or a charter; to vacate proceedings in a cause.
  • English Word Vacate Definition To defeat; to put an end to.
  • English Word Vacated Definition of Vacate
  • English Word Vacating Definition of Vacate
  • English Word Vacation Definition The intermission of the regular studies and exercises of an educational institution between terms; holidays; as, the spring vacation.
  • English Word Vacation Definition Intermission of a stated employment, procedure, or office; a period of intermission; rest; leisure.
  • English Word Vacation Definition The act of vacating; a making void or of no force; as, the vacation of an office or a charter.
  • English Word Vacation Definition Intermission of judicial proceedings; the space of time between the end of one term and the beginning of the next; nonterm; recess.
  • English Word Vacation Definition The time when an office is vacant; esp. (Eccl.), the time when a see, or other spiritual dignity, is vacant.
  • English Word Vaccary Definition A cow house, dairy house, or cow pasture.