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  • English Word Kat Definition An Arabian shrub Catha edulis) the leaves of which are used as tea by the Arabs.
  • English Word Katabolic Definition Of or pertaining to katabolism; as, katabolic processes, which give rise to substances (katastates) of decreasing complexity and increasing stability.
  • English Word Katabolism Definition Destructive or downward metabolism; regressive metamorphism; -- opposed to anabolism. See Disassimilation.
  • English Word Katastate Definition (Physiol.) A substance formed by a katabolic process; -- opposed to anastate. See Katabolic.
  • English Word Kate Definition The brambling finch.
  • English Word Kathetal Definition Making a right angle; perpendicular, as two lines or two sides of a triangle, which include a right angle.
  • English Word Kathetometer Definition Same as Cathetometer.
  • English Word Kattinumdoo Definition A caoutchouc like substance obtained from the milky juice of the East Indian Euphorbia Kattimundoo. It is used as a cement.
  • English Word Katydid Definition A large, green, arboreal, orthopterous insect (Cyrtophyllus concavus) of the family Locustidae, common in the United States. The males have stridulating organs at the bases of the front wings. During the summer and autumn, in the evening, the males make a peculiar, loud, shrill sound, resembling the combination Katy-did, whence the name.
  • English Word Kauri Definition A lofty coniferous tree of New Zealand Agathis, / Dammara, australis), furnishing valuable timber and yielding one kind of dammar resin.
  • English Word Kava Definition A species of Macropiper (M. methysticum), the long pepper, from the root of which an intoxicating beverage is made by the Polynesians, by a process of mastication; also, the beverage itself.
  • English Word Kavass Definition An armed constable; also, a government servant or courier.
  • English Word Kavasses Definition of Kavass
  • English Word Kaw Definition See Caw.
  • English Word Kawaka Definition a New Zealand tree, the Cypress cedar (Libocedrus Doniana), having a valuable, fine-grained, reddish wood.
  • English Word Kawn Definition An inn.
  • English Word Kayak Definition A light canoe, made of skins stretched over a frame, and usually capable of carrying but one person, who sits amidships and uses a double-bladed paddle. It is peculiar to the Eskimos and other Arctic tribes.
  • English Word Kayaker Definition One who uses a kayak.
  • English Word Kayko Definition The dog salmon.
  • English Word Kayles Definition A game; ninepins.
  • English Word Kaynard Definition A lazy or cowardly person; a rascal.
  • English Word Keck Definition An effort to vomit; queasiness.
  • English Word Keck Definition To heave or to retch, as in an effort to vomit.
  • English Word Kecked Definition of Keck
  • English Word Kecking Definition of Keck
  • English Word Keckle Definition See Keck, v. i. & n.
  • English Word Keckle Definition To wind old rope around, as a cable, to preserve its surface from being fretted, or to wind iron chains around, to defend from the friction of a rocky bottom, or from the ice.
  • English Word Keckled Definition of Keckle
  • English Word Keckling Definition of Keckle
  • English Word Keckling Definition Old rope or iron chains wound around a cable. See Keckle, v. t.