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  • English Word Kantism Definition The doctrine or theory of Kant; the Kantian philosophy.
  • English Word Kantist Definition A disciple or follower of Kant.
  • English Word Kanttry Definition Same as Cantred.
  • English Word Kaolin Definition Alt. of Kaoline
  • English Word Kaoline Definition A very pure white clay, ordinarily in the form of an impalpable powder, and used to form the paste of porcelain; China clay; porcelain clay. It is chiefly derived from the decomposition of common feldspar.
  • English Word Kaolinization Definition The process by which feldspar is changed into kaolin.
  • English Word Kaolinize Definition To convert into kaolin.
  • English Word Kapelle Definition A chapel; hence, the choir or orchestra of a prince's chapel; now, a musical establishment, usually orchestral.
  • English Word Kapellmeister Definition See Capellmeister.
  • English Word Kapia Definition The fossil resin of the kauri tree of New Zealand.
  • English Word Kapnomar Definition ) See Capnomor.
  • English Word Karagane Definition A species of gray fox found in Russia.
  • English Word Karaism Definition Doctrines of the Karaites.
  • English Word Karaite Definition A sect of Jews who adhere closely to the letter of the Scriptures, rejecting the oral law, and allowing the Talmud no binding authority; -- opposed to the Rabbinists.
  • English Word Karatas Definition A West Indian plant of the Pineapple family (Nidularium Karatas).
  • English Word Karma Definition One's acts considered as fixing one's lot in the future existence. (Theos.) The doctrine of fate as the inflexible result of cause and effect; the theory of inevitable consequence.
  • English Word Karmathian Definition One of a Mohammedan sect founded in the ninth century by Karmat.
  • English Word Karn Definition A pile of rocks; sometimes, the solid rock. See Cairn.
  • English Word Karob Definition The twenty-fourth part of a grain; -- a weight used by goldsmiths.
  • English Word Karpholite Definition A fibrous mineral occurring in tufts of a straw-yellow color. It is a hydrous silicate of alumina and manganese.
  • English Word Karreo Definition One of the dry table-lands of South Africa, which often rise terracelike to considerable elevations.
  • English Word Karroos Definition of Karreo
  • English Word Karstenite Definition Same as Anhydrite.
  • English Word Karvel Definition See Carvel, and Caravel.
  • English Word Karyokinesis Definition The indirect division of cells in which, prior to division of the cell protoplasm, complicated changes take place in the nucleus, attended with movement of the nuclear fibrils; -- opposed to karyostenosis. The nucleus becomes enlarged and convoluted, and finally the threads are separated into two groups which ultimately become disconnected and constitute the daughter nuclei. Called also mitosis. See Cell development, under Cell.
  • English Word Karyokinetic Definition Of or pertaining to karyokinesis; as, karyokinetic changes of cell division.
  • English Word Karyomiton Definition The reticular network of fine fibers, of which the nucleus of a cell is in part composed; -- in opposition to kytomiton, or the network in the body of the cell.
  • English Word Karyoplasma Definition The protoplasmic substance of the nucleus of a cell: nucleoplasm; -- in opposition to kytoplasma, the protoplasm of the cell.
  • English Word Karyostenosis Definition Direct cell division (in which there is first a simple division of the nucleus, without any changes in its structure, followed by division of the protoplasm of the karyostenotic mode of nuclear division.
  • English Word Kasack Definition Same as Cossack.