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  • English Word Krems Definition A variety of white lead. See Krems lead, under Lead, n.
  • English Word Kreng Definition See Krang.
  • English Word Kreosote Definition See Creosote.
  • English Word Kreutzer Definition A small copper coin formerly used in South Germany; also, a small Austrian copper coin.
  • English Word Kriegsspiel Definition A game of war, played for practice, on maps.
  • English Word Kris Definition A Malay dagger. See Creese.
  • English Word Krishna Definition The most popular of the Hindoo divinities, usually held to be the eighth incarnation of the god Vishnu.
  • English Word Kritarchy Definition The rule of the judges over Israel.
  • English Word Krokidolite Definition See Crocidolite.
  • English Word Krone Definition A coin of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, of the value of about twenty-eight cents. See Crown, n., 9.
  • English Word Krooman Definition One of a negro tribe of Liberia and the adjacent coast, whose members are much employed on shipboard.
  • English Word Kroomen Definition of Krooman
  • English Word Kruller Definition See Cruller.
  • English Word Krumhorn Definition A reed instrument of music of the cornet kind, now obsolete (see Cornet, 1, a.).
  • English Word Krumhorn Definition A reed stop in the organ; -- sometimes called cremona.
  • English Word Krummhorn Definition Alt. of Krumhorn
  • English Word Krupp gun Definition A breech-loading steel cannon manufactured at the works of Friedrich Krupp, at Essen in Prussia. Guns of over eight-inch bore are made up of several concentric cylinders; those of a smaller size are forged solid.
  • English Word Kryolite Definition See Cryolite.
  • English Word Ksar Definition See Czar.
  • English Word Kshatriya Definition Alt. of Kshatruya
  • English Word Kshatruya Definition The military caste, the second of the four great Hindoo castes; also, a member of that caste. See Caste.
  • English Word Kuda Definition The East Indian tapir. See Tapir.
  • English Word Kudos Definition Glory; fame; renown; praise.
  • English Word Kudos Definition To praise; to extol; to glorify.
  • English Word Kudu Definition See Koodoo.
  • English Word Kufic Definition See Cufic.
  • English Word Kukang Definition The slow lemur. See Lemur.
  • English Word Kuklux Definition The name adopted in the southern part of the United States by a secret political organization, active for several years after the close of the Civil War, and having for its aim the repression of the political power of the freedmen; -- called also Kuklux Klan.
  • English Word Kulan Definition See Koulan.
  • English Word Kumish Definition Alt. of Kumiss