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  • English Word Kumiss Definition See Koumiss.
  • English Word Kummel Definition A Russian and German liqueur, consisting of a sweetened spirit flavored with caraway seeds.
  • English Word Kumquat Definition A small tree of the genus Citrus (C. Japonica) growing in China and Japan; also, its small acid, orange-colored fruit used for preserves.
  • English Word Kupfernickel Definition Copper-nickel; niccolite. See Niccolite.
  • English Word Kurd Definition A native or inhabitant of a mountainous region of Western Asia belonging to the Turkish and Persian monarchies.
  • English Word Kurdish Definition Of or pertaining to the Kurds.
  • English Word Kurilian Definition Of or pertaining to the Kurile Islands, a chain of islands in the Pacific ocean, extending from the southern extremity of Kamschatka to Yesso.
  • English Word Kurilian Definition A native or an inhabitant of the Kurile Islands.
  • English Word Kursaal Definition A public hall or room, for the use of visitors at watering places and health resorts in Germany.
  • English Word Kusimanse Definition A carnivorous animal (Crossarchus obscurus) of tropical Africa. It its allied to the civets. Called also kusimansel, and mangue.
  • English Word Kuskus Definition See Vetiver.
  • English Word Kussier Definition (Mus.) A Turkish instrument of music, with a hollow body covered with skin, over which five strings are stretched.
  • English Word Kutauss Definition The India civet (Viverra zibetha).
  • English Word Kutch Definition The packet of vellum leaves in which the gold is first beaten into thin sheets.
  • English Word Kutch Definition See Catechu.
  • English Word Ky Definition Kine.
  • English Word Kyaboca wood Definition Amboyna wood.
  • English Word Kyaboca wood Definition Sandalwood (Santalum album).
  • English Word Kyanize Definition To render (wood) proof against decay by saturating with a solution of corrosive sublimate in open tanks, or under pressure.
  • English Word Kyanized Definition of Kyanize
  • English Word Kyanizing Definition of Kyanize
  • English Word Kyannite Definition See Cyanite.
  • English Word Kyanol Definition Aniline.
  • English Word Kyanol Definition A base obtained from coal tar.
  • English Word Kyanophyll Definition Same as Cyanophyll.
  • English Word Kyar Definition Cocoanut fiber, or the cordage made from it. See Coir.
  • English Word Kyaw Definition A daw.
  • English Word Kyd Definition p. p. of Kythe.
  • English Word Kydde Definition imp. of Kythe, to show.
  • English Word Kydde Definition of Kithe