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  • English Word Kalki Definition The name of Vishnu in his tenth and last avatar.
  • English Word Kalmia Definition A genus of North American shrubs with poisonous evergreen foliage and corymbs of showy flowers. Called also mountain laurel, ivy bush, lamb kill, calico bush, etc.
  • English Word Kalmuck Definition See Calmucks.
  • English Word Kalmuck Definition A kind of shaggy cloth, resembling bearskin.
  • English Word Kalmuck Definition A coarse, dyed, cotton cloth, made in Prussia.
  • English Word Kalong Definition A fruit bat, esp. the Indian edible fruit bat (Pteropus edulis).
  • English Word Kaloyer Definition See Caloyer.
  • English Word Kalpa Definition One of the Brahmanic eons, a period of 4,320,000,000 years. At the end of each Kalpa the world is annihilated.
  • English Word Kalsomine Definition Same as Calcimine.
  • English Word Kam Definition Crooked; awry.
  • English Word Kama Definition The Hindoo Cupid. He is represented as a beautiful youth, with a bow of sugar cane or flowers.
  • English Word Kamala Definition The red dusty hairs of the capsules of an East Indian tree (Mallotus Philippinensis) used for dyeing silk. It is violently emetic, and is used in the treatment of tapeworm.
  • English Word Kame Definition A low ridge.
  • English Word Kami Definition A title given to the celestial gods of the first mythical dynasty of Japan and extended to the demigods of the second dynasty, and then to the long line of spiritual princes still represented by the mikado.
  • English Word Kamichi Definition A curious South American bird (Anhima, / Palamedea, cornuta), often domesticated by the natives and kept with poultry, which it defends against birds of prey. It has a long, slender, hornlike ornament on its head, and two sharp spurs on each wing. Although its beak, feet, and legs resemble those of gallinaceous birds, it is related in anatomical characters to the ducks and geese (Anseres). Called also horned screamer. The name is sometimes applied also to the chaja. See Chaja, and Screamer.
  • English Word Kamptulicon Definition A kind of elastic floor cloth, made of India rubber, gutta-percha, linseed oil, and powdered cork.
  • English Word Kampylite Definition A variety of mimetite or arseniate of lead in hexagonal prisms of a fine orange yellow.
  • English Word Kamsin Definition Alt. of Khamsin
  • English Word Kamtschadales Definition An aboriginal tribe inhabiting the southern part of Kamtschatka.
  • English Word Kan Definition To know; to ken.
  • English Word Kan Definition See Khan.
  • English Word Kanacka Definition Alt. of Kanaka
  • English Word Kanaka Definition A native of the Sandwich Islands.
  • English Word Kanchil Definition A small chevrotain of the genus Tragulus, esp. T. pygmaeus, or T. kanchil, inhabiting Java, Sumatra, and adjacent islands; a deerlet. It is noted for its agility and cunning.
  • English Word Kand Definition Fluor spar; -- so called by Cornish miners.
  • English Word Kangaroo Definition Any one of numerous species of jumping marsupials of the family Macropodidae. They inhabit Australia, New Guinea, and adjacent islands, They have long and strong hind legs and a large tail, while the fore legs are comparatively short and feeble. The giant kangaroo (Macropus major) is the largest species, sometimes becoming twelve or fourteen feet in total length. The tree kangaroos, belonging to the genus Dendrolagus, live in trees; the rock kangaroos, of the genus Petrogale, inhabit rocky situations; and the brush kangaroos, of the genus Halmaturus, inhabit wooded districts. See Wallaby.
  • English Word Kansas Definition A tribe of Indians allied to the Winnebagoes and Osages. They formerly inhabited the region which is now the State of Kansas, but were removed to the Indian Territory.
  • English Word Kantian Definition A follower of Kant; a Kantist.
  • English Word Kantian Definition Of or pertaining to Immanuel Kant, the German philosopher; conformed or relating to any or all of the philosophical doctrines of Immanuel Kant.
  • English Word Kantianism Definition Alt. of Kantism