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  • English Word Iconography Definition The art or representation by pictures or images; the description or study of portraiture or representation, as of persons; as, the iconography of the ancients.
  • English Word Iconography Definition The study of representative art in general.
  • English Word Iconolater Definition One who worships images.
  • English Word Iconolatry Definition The worship of images as symbols; -- distinguished from idolatry, the worship of images themselves.
  • English Word Iconology Definition The discussion or description of portraiture or of representative images. Cf. Iconography.
  • English Word Iconomachy Definition Hostility to images as objects of worship.
  • English Word Iconomical Definition Opposed to pictures or images as objects of worship.
  • English Word Iconophilist Definition A student, or lover of the study, of iconography.
  • English Word Icosahedral Definition Having twenty equal sides or faces.
  • English Word Icosahedron Definition A solid bounded by twenty sides or faces.
  • English Word Icosandria Definition A Linnaean class of plants, having twenty or more stamens inserted in the calyx.
  • English Word Icosandrian Definition Alt. of Icosandrous
  • English Word Icosandrous Definition Pertaining to the class Icosandria; having twenty or more stamens inserted in the calyx.
  • English Word Icositetrahedron Definition A twenty-four-sided solid; a tetragonal trisoctahedron or trapezohedron.
  • English Word Icteric Definition A remedy for the jaundice.
  • English Word Icteric Definition Alt. of Icterical
  • English Word Icterical Definition Pertaining to, or affected with, jaundice.
  • English Word Icterical Definition Good against the jaundice.
  • English Word Icteritious Definition Alt. of Icteritous
  • English Word Icteritous Definition Yellow; of the color of the skin when it is affected by the jaundice.
  • English Word Icteroid Definition Of a tint resembling that produced by jaundice; yellow; as, an icteroid tint or complexion.
  • English Word Icterus Definition The jaundice.
  • English Word Ictic Definition Pertaining to, or caused by, a blow; sudden; abrupt.
  • English Word Ictus Definition A stroke or blow, as in a sunstroke, the sting of an insect, pulsation of an artery, etc.
  • English Word Ictus Definition The stress of voice laid upon accented syllable of a word. Cf. Arsis.
  • English Word Icy Definition Characterized by coldness, as of manner, influence, etc.; chilling; frigid; cold.
  • English Word Icy Definition Pertaining to, resembling, or abounding in, ice; cold; frosty.
  • English Word Icy-pearled Definition Spangled with ice.
  • English Word Id Definition A small fresh-water cyprinoid fish (Leuciscus idus or Idus idus) of Europe. A domesticated variety, colored like the goldfish, is called orfe in Germany.
  • English Word Idalian Definition Of or pertaining to Idalium, a mountain city in Cyprus, or to Venus, to whom it was sacred.