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  • English Word Itinerancy Definition A discharge of official duty involving frequent change of residence; the custom or practice of discharging official duty in this way; also, a body of persons who thus discharge official duty.
  • English Word Itinerant Definition Passing or traveling about a country; going or preaching on a circuit; wandering; not settled; as, an itinerant preacher; an itinerant peddler.
  • English Word Itinerant Definition One who travels from place to place, particularly a preacher; one who is unsettled.
  • English Word Itinerantly Definition In an itinerant manner.
  • English Word Itineraries Definition of Itinerary
  • English Word Itinerary Definition Itinerant; traveling; passing from place to place; done on a journey.
  • English Word Itinerary Definition An account of travels, or a register of places and distances as a guide to travelers; as, the Itinerary of Antoninus.
  • English Word Itinerate Definition To wander without a settled habitation; to travel from place or on a circuit, particularly for the purpose of preaching, lecturing, etc.
  • English Word Itinerated Definition of Itinerate
  • English Word Itinerating Definition of Itinerate
  • English Word Its Definition Possessive form of the pronoun it. See It.
  • English Word Itself Definition The neuter reciprocal pronoun of It; as, the thing is good in itself; it stands by itself.
  • English Word Ittria Definition See Yttria.
  • English Word Ittrium Definition See Yttrium.
  • English Word Itworn Definition Worn, wrought, or stamped in.
  • English Word Itzibu Definition A silver coin of Japan, worth about thirty-four cents.
  • English Word Iulidan Definition One of the Iulidae, a family of myriapods, of which the genus Iulus is the type. See Iulus.
  • English Word Iulus Definition A genus of chilognathous myriapods. The body is long and round, consisting of numerous smooth, equal segments, each of which bears two pairs of short legs. It includes the galleyworms. See Chilognatha.
  • English Word Ivan Ivanovitch Definition An ideal personification of the typical Russian or of the Russian people; -- used as "John Bull" is used for the typical Englishman.
  • English Word Ivied Definition Overgrown with ivy.
  • English Word Ivies Definition of Ivy
  • English Word Ivoride Definition A composition resembling ivory in appearance and used as a substitute for it.
  • English Word Ivories Definition of Ivory
  • English Word Ivory Definition The hard, white, opaque, fine-grained substance constituting the tusks of the elephant. It is a variety of dentine, characterized by the minuteness and close arrangement of the tubes, as also by their double flexure. It is used in manufacturing articles of ornament or utility.
  • English Word Ivory Definition The tusks themselves of the elephant, etc.
  • English Word Ivory Definition Any carving executed in ivory.
  • English Word Ivory Definition Teeth; as, to show one's ivories.
  • English Word Ivory-bill Definition A large, handsome, North American woodpecker (Campephilus principalis), having a large, sharp, ivory-colored beak. Its general color is glossy black, with white secondaries, and a white dorsal stripe. The male has a large, scarlet crest. It is now rare, and found only in the Gulf States.
  • English Word Ivorytype Definition A picture produced by superposing a very light print, rendered translucent by varnish, and tinted upon the back, upon a stronger print, so as to give the effect of a photograph in natural colors; -- called also hellenotype.
  • English Word Ivy Definition A plant of the genus Hedera (H. helix), common in Europe. Its leaves are evergreen, dark, smooth, shining, and mostly five-pointed; the flowers yellowish and small; the berries black or yellow. The stem clings to walls and trees by rootlike fibers.