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  • English Word Icefall Definition A frozen waterfall, or mass of ice resembling a frozen waterfall.
  • English Word Iceland moss Definition A kind of lichen (Cetraria Icelandica) found from the Arctic regions to the North Temperate zone. It furnishes a nutritious jelly and other forms of food, and is used in pulmonary complaints as a demulcent.
  • English Word Iceland spar Definition A transparent variety of calcite, the best of which is obtained in Iceland. It is used for the prisms of the polariscope, because of its strong double refraction. Cf. Calcite.
  • English Word Icelander Definition A native, or one of the Scandinavian people, of Iceland.
  • English Word Icelandic Definition Of or pertaining to Iceland; relating to, or resembling, the Icelanders.
  • English Word Icelandic Definition The language of the Icelanders. It is one of the Scandinavian group, and is more nearly allied to the Old Norse than any other language now spoken.
  • English Word Iceman Definition A man who is skilled in traveling upon ice, as among glaciers.
  • English Word Iceman Definition One who deals in ice; one who retails or delivers ice.
  • English Word Icemen Definition of Iceman
  • English Word Icequake Definition The crash or concussion attending the breaking up of masses of ice, -- often due to contraction from extreme cold.
  • English Word Ich Definition I.
  • English Word Ichneumon Definition Any carnivorous mammal of the genus Herpestes, and family Viverridae. Numerous species are found in Asia and Africa. The Egyptian species(H. ichneumon), which ranges to Spain and Palestine, is noted for destroying the eggs and young of the crocodile as well as various snakes and lizards, and hence was considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians. The common species of India (H. griseus), known as the mongoose, has similar habits and is often domesticated. It is noted for killing the cobra.
  • English Word Ichneumon Definition Any hymenopterous insect of the family Ichneumonidae, of which several thousand species are known, belonging to numerous genera.
  • English Word Ichneumonidan Definition Of or pertaining to the Ichneumonidae, or ichneumon flies.
  • English Word Ichneumonidan Definition One of the Ichneumonidae.
  • English Word Ichneumonides Definition The ichneumon flies.
  • English Word Ichnite Definition A fossil footprint; as, the ichnites in the Triassic sandstone.
  • English Word Ichnographic Definition Alt. of Ichnographical
  • English Word Ichnographical Definition Of or pertaining to ichonography; describing a ground plot.
  • English Word Ichnography Definition A horizontal section of a building or other object, showing its true dimensions according to a geometric scale; a ground plan; a map; also, the art of making such plans.
  • English Word Ichnolite Definition A fossil footprint; an ichnite.
  • English Word Ichnolithology Definition Same as Ichnology.
  • English Word Ichnological Definition Of or pertaining to ichnology.
  • English Word Ichnology Definition The branch of science which treats of fossil footprints.
  • English Word Ichnoscopy Definition The search for the traces of anything.
  • English Word Ichor Definition An ethereal fluid that supplied the place of blood in the veins of the gods.
  • English Word Ichor Definition A thin, acrid, watery discharge from an ulcer, wound, etc.
  • English Word Ichorhaemia Definition Infection of the blood with ichorous or putrid substances.
  • English Word Ichorous Definition Of or like ichor; thin; watery; serous; sanious.
  • English Word Ichthidin Definition A substance from the egg yolk of osseous fishes.