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  • English Word I Definition In our old authors, I was often used for ay (or aye), yes, which is pronounced nearly like it.
  • English Word I Definition As a numeral, I stands for 1, II for 2, etc.
  • English Word I Definition The nominative case of the pronoun of the first person; the word with which a speaker or writer denotes himself.
  • English Word I O U Definition A paper having on it these letters, with a sum named, and duly signed; -- in use in England as an acknowledgment of a debt, and taken as evidence thereof, but not amounting to a promissory note; a due bill.
  • English Word I' faith Definition In faith; indeed; truly.
  • English Word I' ll Definition Contraction for I will or I shall.
  • English Word I'd Definition A contraction from I would or I had.
  • English Word I'm Definition A contraction of I am.
  • English Word I've Definition Colloquial contraction of I have.
  • English Word I- Definition See Y-.
  • English Word I. e. Definition Abbreviation of Latin id est, that is.
  • English Word Iamatology Definition Materia Medica; that branch of therapeutics which treats of remedies.
  • English Word Iamb Definition An iambus or iambic.
  • English Word Iambi Definition of Iambus
  • English Word Iambic Definition A verse composed of iambic feet.
  • English Word Iambic Definition An iambic foot; an iambus.
  • English Word Iambic Definition Consisting of a short syllable followed by a long one, or of an unaccented syllable followed by an accented; as, an iambic foot.
  • English Word Iambic Definition Pertaining to, or composed of, iambics; as, an iambic verse; iambic meter. See Lambus.
  • English Word Iambic Definition A satirical poem (such poems having been anciently written in iambic verse); a satire; a lampoon.
  • English Word Iambical Definition Iambic.
  • English Word Iambically Definition In a iambic manner; after the manner of iambics.
  • English Word Iambize Definition To satirize in iambics; to lampoon.
  • English Word Iambus Definition A foot consisting of a short syllable followed by a long one, as in /mans, or of an unaccented syllable followed by an accented one, as invent; an iambic. See the Couplet under Iambic, n.
  • English Word Iambuses Definition of Iambus
  • English Word Ianthina Definition Any gastropod of the genus Ianthina, of which various species are found living in mid ocean; -- called also purple shell, and violet snail.
  • English Word Ianthinae Definition of Ianthina
  • English Word Ianthinas Definition of Ianthina
  • English Word Iatraliptic Definition Treating diseases by anointing and friction; as, the iatraliptic method.
  • English Word Iatric Definition Alt. of Iatrical
  • English Word Iatrical Definition Of or pertaining to medicine, or to medical men.