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  • English Word Ivy-mantled Definition Covered with ivy.
  • English Word Iwis Definition Indeed; truly. See Ywis.
  • English Word Ixia Definition A South African bulbous plant of the Iris family, remarkable for the brilliancy of its flowers.
  • English Word Ixodes Definition A genus of parasitic Acarina, which includes various species of ticks. See Tick, the insect.
  • English Word Ixodian Definition A tick of the genus Ixodes, or the family Ixodidae.
  • English Word Ixtle Definition Alt. of Ixtli
  • English Word Ixtli Definition A Mexican name for a variety of Agave rigida, which furnishes a strong coarse fiber; also, the fiber itself, which is called also pita, and Tampico fiber.
  • English Word Izard Definition A variety of the chamois found in the Pyrenees.
  • English Word Izedi Definition One of an Oriental religious sect which worships Satan or the Devil.
  • English Word Izedism Definition The religion of the Izedis.
  • English Word Izzard Definition See Izard.
  • English Word Izzard Definition The letter z; -- formerly so called. J () J is the tenth letter of the English alphabet. It is a later variant form of the Roman letter I, used to express a consonantal sound, that is, originally, the sound of English y in yet. The forms J and I have, until a recent time, been classed together, and they have been used interchangeably.