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  • English Word Ichthyornis Definition An extinct genus of toothed birds found in the American Cretaceous formation. It is remarkable for having biconcave vertebrae, and sharp, conical teeth set in sockets. Its wings were well developed. It is the type of the order Odontotormae.
  • English Word Ichthyosaur Definition One of the Ichthyosaura.
  • English Word Ichthyosauri Definition of Ichthyosaurus
  • English Word Ichthyosauria Definition An extinct order of marine reptiles, including Ichthyosaurus and allied forms; -- called also Ichthyopterygia. They have not been found later than the Cretaceous period.
  • English Word Ichthyosaurian Definition Of or pertaining to the Ichthyosauria.
  • English Word Ichthyosaurian Definition One of the Ichthyosauria.
  • English Word Ichthyosaurus Definition An extinct genus of marine reptiles; -- so named from their short, biconcave vertebrae, resembling those of fishes. Several species, varying in length from ten to thirty feet, are known from the Liassic, Oolitic, and Cretaceous formations.
  • English Word Ichthyosis Definition A disease in which the skin is thick, rough, and scaly; -- called also fishskin.
  • English Word Ichthyotomist Definition One skilled in ichthyotomy.
  • English Word Ichthys Definition Same as Ichthus.
  • English Word Icicle Definition A pendent, and usually conical, mass of ice, formed by freezing of dripping water; as, the icicles on the eaves of a house.
  • English Word Icicled Definition Having icicles attached.
  • English Word Icily Definition In an icy manner; coldly.
  • English Word Iciness Definition The state or quality of being icy or very cold; frigidity.
  • English Word Icing Definition A coating or covering resembling ice, as of sugar and milk or white of egg; frosting.
  • English Word Icing Definition of Ice
  • English Word Ickle Definition An icicle.
  • English Word Icon Definition An image or representation; a portrait or pretended portrait.
  • English Word Iconical Definition Pertaining to, or consisting of, images, pictures, or representations of any kind.
  • English Word Iconism Definition The formation of a figure, representation, or semblance; a delineation or description.
  • English Word Iconize Definition To form an image or likeness of.
  • English Word Iconoclasm Definition The doctrine or practice of the iconoclasts; image breaking.
  • English Word Iconoclast Definition A breaker or destroyer of images or idols; a determined enemy of idol worship.
  • English Word Iconoclast Definition One who exposes or destroys impositions or shams; one who attacks cherished beliefs; a radical.
  • English Word Iconoclastic Definition Of or pertaining to the iconoclasts, or to image breaking.
  • English Word Iconodule Definition Alt. of Iconodulist
  • English Word Iconodulist Definition One who serves images; -- opposed to an iconoclast.
  • English Word Iconographer Definition A maker of images.
  • English Word Iconographic Definition Of or pertaining to iconography.
  • English Word Iconographic Definition Representing by means of pictures or diagrams; as, an icongraphic encyclopaedia.