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  • English Word Haemocytolysis Definition See Haemocytotrypsis.
  • English Word Haemocytometer Definition See Haemacytometer.
  • English Word Haemocytotrypsis Definition A breaking up of the blood corpuscles, as by pressure, in distinction from solution of the corpuscles, or haemcytolysis.
  • English Word Haemodromograph Definition Same as Haemadromograph.
  • English Word Haemodynameter Definition Same as Hemadynamics.
  • English Word Haemoglobin Definition Same as Hemoglobin.
  • English Word Haemoglobinometer Definition Same as Hemochromometer.
  • English Word Haemolutein Definition See Hematoidin.
  • English Word Haemomanometer Definition Same as Hemadynamometer.
  • English Word Haemometer Definition Same as Hemadynamometer.
  • English Word Haemony Definition A plant described by Milton as "of sovereign use against all enchantments."
  • English Word Haemoplastic Definition Same as Haematoplastic.
  • English Word Haemorrhoidal Definition Same as Hemorrhoidal.
  • English Word Haemoscope Definition An instrument devised by Hermann, for regulating and measuring the thickness of a layer of blood for spectroscopic examination.
  • English Word Haemostatic Definition Same as Hemostatic.
  • English Word Haemotachometer Definition Same as Haematachometer.
  • English Word Haemotachometry Definition Same as Haematachometry.
  • English Word Haf Definition Hove.
  • English Word Haffle Definition To stammer; to speak unintelligibly; to prevaricate.
  • English Word Haft Definition To set in, or furnish with, a haft; as, to haft a dagger.
  • English Word Haft Definition A handle; that part of an instrument or vessel taken into the hand, and by which it is held and used; -- said chiefly of a knife, sword, or dagger; the hilt.
  • English Word Haft Definition A dwelling.
  • English Word Hafter Definition A caviler; a wrangler.
  • English Word Hag Definition A witch, sorceress, or enchantress; also, a wizard.
  • English Word Hag Definition A quagmire; mossy ground where peat or turf has been cut.
  • English Word Hag Definition A small wood, or part of a wood or copse, which is marked off or inclosed for felling, or which has been felled.
  • English Word Hag Definition To harass; to weary with vexation.
  • English Word Hag Definition An appearance of light and fire on a horse's mane or a man's hair.
  • English Word Hag Definition An ugly old woman.
  • English Word Hag Definition A fury; a she-monster.