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  • English Word Hypostatically Definition In a hypostatic manner.
  • English Word Hypostatize Definition To make into, or regarded as, a separate and distinct substance.
  • English Word Hypostatize Definition To attribute actual or personal existence to.
  • English Word Hyposterna Definition of Hyposternum
  • English Word Hyposternum Definition See Hypoplastron.
  • English Word Hyposternums Definition of Hyposternum
  • English Word Hypostoma Definition The lower lip of trilobites, crustaceans, etc.
  • English Word Hypostome Definition Alt. of Hypostoma
  • English Word Hypostrophe Definition The act of a patient turning himself.
  • English Word Hypostrophe Definition A relapse, or return of a disease.
  • English Word Hypostyle Definition Resting upon columns; constructed by means of columns; -- especially applied to the great hall at Karnak.
  • English Word Hyposulphate Definition A salt of hyposulphuric acid.
  • English Word Hyposulphite Definition A salt of what was formerly called hyposulphurous acid; a thiosulphate.
  • English Word Hyposulphite Definition A salt of hyposulphurous acid proper.
  • English Word Hyposulphuric Definition Pertaining to, or containing, sulphur in a lower state of oxidation than in the sulphuric compounds; as, hyposulphuric acid.
  • English Word Hyposulphurous Definition Pertaining to, or containing, sulphur, all, or a part, in a low state of oxidation.
  • English Word Hypotarsi Definition of Hypotarsus
  • English Word Hypotarsus Definition A process on the posterior side of the tarsometatarsus of many birds; the calcaneal process.
  • English Word Hypotenuse Definition Alt. of Hypothenuse
  • English Word Hypothec Definition A landlord's right, independently of stipulation, over the stocking (cattle, implements, etc.), and crops of his tenant, as security for payment of rent.
  • English Word Hypotheca Definition An obligation by which property of a debtor was made over to his creditor in security of his debt.
  • English Word Hypothecate Definition To subject, as property, to liability for a debt or engagement without delivery of possession or transfer of title; to pledge without delivery of possession; to mortgage, as ships, or other personal property; to make a contract by bottomry. See Hypothecation, Bottomry.
  • English Word Hypothecated Definition of Hypothecate
  • English Word Hypothecating Definition of Hypothecate
  • English Word Hypothecation Definition The act or contract by which property is hypothecated; a right which a creditor has in or to the property of his debtor, in virtue of which he may cause it to be sold and the price appropriated in payment of his debt. This is a right in the thing, or jus in re.
  • English Word Hypothecation Definition A contract whereby, in consideration of money advanced for the necessities of the ship, the vessel, freight, or cargo is made liable for its repayment, provided the ship arrives in safety. It is usually effected by a bottomry bond. See Bottomry.
  • English Word Hypothecator Definition One who hypothecates or pledges anything as security for the repayment of money borrowed.
  • English Word Hypothenal Definition Alt. of Hypothenar
  • English Word Hypothenar Definition Of or pertaining to the prominent part of the palm of the hand above the base of the little finger, or a corresponding part in the forefoot of an animal; as, the hypothenar eminence.
  • English Word Hypothenar Definition The hypothenar eminence.