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  • English Word Haemal Definition Pertaining to the blood or blood vessels; also, ventral. See Hemal.
  • English Word Haemaphaein Definition A brownish substance sometimes found in the blood, in cases of jaundice.
  • English Word Haemapod Definition An haemapodous animal.
  • English Word Haemapodous Definition Having the limbs on, or directed toward, the ventral or hemal side, as in vertebrates; -- opposed to neuropodous.
  • English Word Haemapoietic Definition Bloodforming; as, the haemapoietic function of the spleen.
  • English Word Haemapophysis Definition Same as Hemapophysis.
  • English Word Haemastatics Definition Same as Hemastatics.
  • English Word Haematachometer Definition A form of apparatus (somewhat different from the hemadrometer) for measuring the velocity of the blood.
  • English Word Haematachometry Definition The measurement of the velocity of the blood.
  • English Word Haematemesis Definition Same as Hematemesis.
  • English Word Haematexylin Definition The coloring principle of logwood. It is obtained as a yellow crystalline substance, C16H14O6, with a sweetish taste. Formerly called also hematin.
  • English Word Haematic Definition Of or pertaining to the blood; sanguine; brownish red.
  • English Word Haematin Definition Same as Hematin.
  • English Word Haematinometer Definition Same as Hematinometer.
  • English Word Haematinometric Definition Same as Hematinometric.
  • English Word Haematite Definition Same as Hematite.
  • English Word Haematitic Definition Of a blood-red color; crimson; (Bot.) brownish red.
  • English Word Haemato- Definition See Haema-.
  • English Word Haemato- Definition Alt. of Haemo-
  • English Word Haematoblast Definition One of the very minute, disk-shaped bodies found in blood with the ordinary red corpuscles and white corpuscles; a third kind of blood corpuscle, supposed by some to be an early stage in the development of the red corpuscles; -- called also blood plaque, and blood plate.
  • English Word Haematocrya Definition The cold-blooded vertebrates. Same as Hematocrya.
  • English Word Haematocryal Definition Cold-blooded.
  • English Word Haematocrystallin Definition Same as Hematocrystallin.
  • English Word Haematodynamometer Definition Same as Hemadynamometer.
  • English Word Haematogenesis Definition The origin and development of blood.
  • English Word Haematogenesis Definition The transformation of venous arterial blood by respiration; hematosis.
  • English Word Haematogenic Definition Relating to haematogenesis.
  • English Word Haematogenous Definition Originating in the blood.
  • English Word Haematoglobulin Definition Same as Hematoglobin.
  • English Word Haematoid Definition Same as Hematoid.