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  • English Word Haematoidin Definition Same as Hematoidin.
  • English Word Haematoin Definition A substance formed from the hematin of blood, by removal of the iron through the action of concentrated sulphuric acid. Two like bodies, called respectively haematoporphyrin and haematolin, are formed in a similar manner.
  • English Word Haematolin Definition See Haematoin.
  • English Word Haematology Definition The science which treats of the blood. Same as Hematology.
  • English Word Haematometer Definition Same as Hemadynamometer.
  • English Word Haematometer Definition An instrument for determining the number of blood corpuscles in a given quantity of blood.
  • English Word Haematophlina Definition A division of Cheiroptera, including the bloodsucking bats. See Vampire.
  • English Word Haematoplast Definition Same as Haematoblast.
  • English Word Haematoplastic Definition Blood formative; -- applied to a substance in early fetal life, which breaks up gradually into blood vessels.
  • English Word Haematoporphyrin Definition See Haematoin.
  • English Word Haematosac Definition A vascular sac connected, beneath the brain, in many fishes, with the infundibulum.
  • English Word Haematoscope Definition A haemoscope.
  • English Word Haematosin Definition Hematin.
  • English Word Haematosis Definition Same as Hematosis.
  • English Word Haematotherma Definition Same as Hematotherma.
  • English Word Haematothermal Definition Warm-blooded; homoiothermal.
  • English Word Haematothorax Definition Same as Hemothorax.
  • English Word Haematoxylon Definition A genus of leguminous plants containing but a single species, the H. Campechianum or logwood tree, native in Yucatan.
  • English Word Haematozoa Definition of Haematozoon
  • English Word Haematozoon Definition A parasite inhabiting the blood
  • English Word Haematozoon Definition Certain species of nematodes of the genus Filaria, sometimes found in the blood of man, the horse, the dog, etc.
  • English Word Haematozoon Definition The trematode, Bilharzia haematobia, which infests the inhabitants of Egypt and other parts of Africa, often causing death.
  • English Word Haemic Definition Pertaining to the blood; hemal.
  • English Word Haemin Definition Same as Hemin.
  • English Word Haemo- Definition See Haema-.
  • English Word Haemo- Definition Combining forms indicating relation or resemblance to blood, association with blood; as, haemapod, haematogenesis, haemoscope.
  • English Word Haemochrome Definition Same as Haemachrome.
  • English Word Haemochromogen Definition A body obtained from hemoglobin, by the action of reducing agents in the absence of oxygen.
  • English Word Haemochromometer Definition An apparatus for measuring the amount of hemoglobin in a fluid, by comparing it with a solution of known strength and of normal color.
  • English Word Haemocyanin Definition Same as Haemacyanin.