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  • English Word Hypopharynx Definition An appendage or fold on the lower side of the pharynx, in certain insects.
  • English Word Hypophosphate Definition A salt of hypophosphoric acid.
  • English Word Hypophosphite Definition A salt of hypophosphorous acid.
  • English Word Hypophosphoric Definition Pertaining to, or derived from, or containing, phosphorus in a lower state of oxidation than in phosphoric compounds; as, hypophosphoric acid.
  • English Word Hypophosphorous Definition Pertaining to, or containing, phosphorus in a lower state of oxidation than in phosphoric compounds; as, hypophosphorous acid.
  • English Word Hypophyllous Definition Being or growing on the under side of a leaf, as the fruit dots of ferns.
  • English Word Hypophysial Definition Of or pertaining to the hypophysis; pituitary.
  • English Word Hypophysis Definition See Pituitary body, under Pituitary.
  • English Word Hypophysis Definition Cataract.
  • English Word Hypoplastra Definition of Hypoplastron
  • English Word Hypoplastron Definition The third lateral plate in the plastron of turtles; -- called also hyposternum.
  • English Word Hypoptila Definition of Hypoptilum
  • English Word Hypoptilum Definition An accessory plume arising from the posterior side of the stem of the contour feathers of many birds; -- called also aftershaft. See Illust. of Feather.
  • English Word Hypoptilums Definition of Hypoptilum
  • English Word Hyporadii Definition of Hyporadius
  • English Word Hyporadius Definition One of the barbs of the hypoptilum, or aftershaft of a feather. See Feather.
  • English Word Hyporhachides Definition of Hyporhachis
  • English Word Hyporhachis Definition The stem of an aftershaft or hypoptilum.
  • English Word Hyposkeletal Definition Beneath the endoskeleton; hypaxial; as, the hyposkeletal muscles; -- opposed to episkeletal.
  • English Word Hypospadias Definition A deformity of the penis, in which the urethra opens upon its under surface.
  • English Word Hypostases Definition of Hypostasis
  • English Word Hypostasis Definition That which forms the basis of anything; underlying principle; a concept or mental entity conceived or treated as an existing being or thing.
  • English Word Hypostasis Definition Substance; subsistence; essence; person; personality; -- used by the early theologians to denote any one of the three subdivisions of the Godhead, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • English Word Hypostasis Definition Principle; an element; -- used by the alchemists in speaking of salt, sulphur, and mercury, which they considered as the three principles of all material bodies.
  • English Word Hypostasis Definition That which is deposited at the bottom of a fluid; sediment.
  • English Word Hypostasize Definition To make into a distinct substance; to conceive or treat as an existing being; to hypostatize.
  • English Word Hypostatic Definition Alt. of Hypostatical
  • English Word Hypostatical Definition Relating to hypostasis, or substance; hence, constitutive, or elementary.
  • English Word Hypostatical Definition Personal, or distinctly personal; relating to the divine hypostases, or substances.
  • English Word Hypostatical Definition Depending upon, or due to, deposition or setting; as, hypostatic cognestion, cognestion due to setting of blood by gravitation.