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  • English Word Hypercriticise Definition To criticise with unjust severity; to criticise captiously.
  • English Word Hypercriticism Definition Excessive criticism, or unjust severity or rigor of criticism; zoilism.
  • English Word Hyperdicrotic Definition Excessive dicrotic; as, a hyperdicrotic pulse.
  • English Word Hyperdicrotism Definition A hyperdicrotic condition.
  • English Word Hyperdicrotous Definition Hyperdicrotic.
  • English Word Hyperdulia Definition Veneration or worship given to the Virgin Mary as the most exalted of mere creatures; higher veneration than dulia.
  • English Word Hyperduly Definition Hyperdulia.
  • English Word Hyperesthesia Definition Same as Hyperaesthesia.
  • English Word Hypericum Definition A genus of plants, generally with dotted leaves and yellow flowers; -- called also St. John's-wort.
  • English Word Hyperinosis Definition A condition of the blood, characterized by an abnormally large amount of fibrin, as in many inflammatory diseases.
  • English Word Hyperion Definition The god of the sun; in the later mythology identified with Apollo, and distinguished for his beauty.
  • English Word Hyperkinesis Definition Abnormally increased muscular movement; spasm.
  • English Word Hyperkinetic Definition Of or pertaining to hyperkinesis.
  • English Word Hypermetamorphosis Definition A kind of metamorphosis, in certain insects, in which the larva itself undergoes remarkable changes of form and structure during its growth.
  • English Word Hypermeter Definition A verse which has a redundant syllable or foot; a hypercatalectic verse.
  • English Word Hypermeter Definition Hence, anything exceeding the ordinary standard.
  • English Word Hypermetrical Definition Having a redundant syllable; exceeding the common measure.
  • English Word Hypermetropia Definition Alt. of Hypermetropy
  • English Word Hypermetropy Definition A condition of the eye in which, through shortness of the eyeball or fault of the refractive media, the rays of light come to a focus behind the retina; farsightedness; -- called also hyperopia. Cf. Emmetropia.
  • English Word Hypermyriorama Definition A show or exhibition having a great number of scenes or views.
  • English Word Hypernoea Definition Abnormal breathing, due to slightly deficient arterialization of the blood; -- in distinction from eupnoea. See Eupnoea, and Dispnoea.
  • English Word Hyperoartia Definition An order of marsipobranchs including the lampreys. The suckerlike moth contains numerous teeth; the nasal opening is in the middle of the head above, but it does not connect with the mouth. See Cyclostoma, and Lamprey.
  • English Word Hyperopia Definition Hypermetropia.
  • English Word Hyperorganic Definition Higher than, or beyond the sphere of, the organic.
  • English Word Hyperorthodoxy Definition Orthodoxy pushed to excess.
  • English Word Hyperotreta Definition An order of marsipobranchs, including the Myxine or hagfish and the genus Bdellostoma. They have barbels around the mouth, one tooth on the plate, and a communication between the nasal aperture and the throat. See Hagfish.
  • English Word Hyperoxide Definition A compound having a relatively large percentage of oxygen; a peroxide.
  • English Word Hyperoxygenated Definition Alt. of Hyperoxygenized
  • English Word Hyperoxygenized Definition Combined with a relatively large amount of oxygen; -- said of higher oxides.
  • English Word Hyperoxymuriate Definition A perchlorate.