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  • English Word Hyperoxymuriatic Definition Perchloric; as, hyperoxymuriatic acid.
  • English Word Hyperphysical Definition Above or transcending physical laws; supernatural.
  • English Word Hyperplasia Definition An increase in, or excessive growth of, the normal elements of any part.
  • English Word Hyperplastic Definition Of or pertaining to hyperplasia.
  • English Word Hyperplastic Definition Tending to excess of formative action.
  • English Word Hyperpyrexia Definition A condition of excessive fever; an elevation of temperature in a disease, in excess of the limit usually observed in that disease.
  • English Word Hypersecretion Definition Morbid or excessive secretion, as in catarrh.
  • English Word Hypersensibility Definition See Hyperaesthesia.
  • English Word Hyperspace Definition An imagined space having more than three dimensions.
  • English Word Hypersthene Definition An orthorhombic mineral of the pyroxene group, of a grayish or greenish black color, often with a peculiar bronzelike luster (schiller) on the cleavage surface.
  • English Word Hypersthenic Definition Composed of, or containing, hypersthene.
  • English Word Hyperthetical Definition Exaggerated; excessive; hyperbolical.
  • English Word Hyperthyrion Definition That part of the architrave which is over a door or window.
  • English Word Hypertrophic Definition Alt. of Hypertrophical
  • English Word Hypertrophical Definition Of or pertaining to hypertrophy; affected with, or tending to, hypertrophy.
  • English Word Hypertrophied Definition Excessively developed; characterized by hypertrophy.
  • English Word Hypertrophy Definition A condition of overgrowth or excessive development of an organ or part; -- the opposite of atrophy.
  • English Word Hypethral Definition Exposed to the air; wanting a roof; -- applied to a building or part of a building.
  • English Word Hyphae Definition The long, branching filaments of which the mycelium (and the greater part of the plant) of a fungus is formed. They are also found enveloping the gonidia of lichens, making up a large part of their structure.
  • English Word Hyphen Definition A mark or short dash, thus [-], placed at the end of a line which terminates with a syllable of a word, the remainder of which is carried to the next line; or between the parts of many a compound word; as in fine-leaved, clear-headed. It is also sometimes used to separate the syllables of words.
  • English Word Hyphen Definition To connect with, or separate by, a hyphen, as two words or the parts of a word.
  • English Word Hyphenated Definition United by hyphens; hyphened; as, a hyphenated or hyphened word.
  • English Word Hyphened Definition of Hyphen
  • English Word Hyphening Definition of Hyphen
  • English Word Hyphomycetes Definition One of the great division of fungi, containing those species which have naked spores borne on free or only fasciculate threads.
  • English Word Hypidiomorphic Definition Partly idiomorphic; -- said of rock a portion only of whose constituents have a distinct crystalline form.
  • English Word Hypinosis Definition A diminution in the normal amount of fibrin present in the blood.
  • English Word Hypnagogic Definition Leading to sleep; -- applied to the illusions of one who is half asleep.
  • English Word Hypnobate Definition A somnambulist.
  • English Word Hypnocyst Definition A cyst in which some unicellular organisms temporarily inclose themselves, from which they emerge unchanged, after a period of drought or deficiency of food. In some instances, a process of spore formation seems to occur within such cysts.