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  • English Word Galley Definition One of the small boats carried by a man-of-war.
  • English Word Galley Definition The cookroom or kitchen and cooking apparatus of a vessel; -- sometimes on merchant vessels called the caboose.
  • English Word Galley Definition An oblong oven or muffle with a battery of retorts; a gallery furnace.
  • English Word Galley Definition An oblong tray of wood or brass, with upright sides, for holding type which has been set, or is to be made up, etc.
  • English Word Galley Definition A proof sheet taken from type while on a galley; a galley proof.
  • English Word Galley-bird Definition The European green woodpecker; also, the spotted woodpecker.
  • English Word Galley-worm Definition A chilognath myriapod of the genus Iulus, and allied genera, having numerous short legs along the sides; a milliped or "thousand legs." See Chilognatha.
  • English Word Galleys Definition of Galley
  • English Word Gallflies Definition of Gallfly
  • English Word Gallfly Definition An insect that deposits its eggs in plants, and occasions galls, esp. any small hymenopteran of the genus Cynips and allied genera. See Illust. of Gall.
  • English Word Gallian Definition Gallic; French.
  • English Word Galliard Definition Gay; brisk; active.
  • English Word Galliard Definition A brisk, gay man.
  • English Word Galliard Definition A gay, lively dance. Cf. Gailliarde.
  • English Word Galliardise Definition Excessive gayety; merriment.
  • English Word Galliardness Definition Gayety.
  • English Word Galliass Definition Same as Galleass.
  • English Word Gallic Definition Pertaining to, or containing, gallium.
  • English Word Gallic Definition Pertaining to, or derived from, galls, nutgalls, and the like.
  • English Word Gallic Definition Pertaining to Gaul or France; Gallican.
  • English Word Gallican Definition Of or pertaining to Gaul or France; Gallic; French; as, the Gallican church or clergy.
  • English Word Gallican Definition An adherent to, and supporter of, Gallicanism.
  • English Word Gallicanism Definition The principles, tendencies, or action of those, within the Roman Catholic Church in France, who (esp. in 1682) sought to restrict the papal authority in that country and increase the power of the national church.
  • English Word Gallicism Definition A mode of speech peculiar to the French; a French idiom; also, in general, a French mode or custom.
  • English Word Gallicize Definition To conform to the French mode or idiom.
  • English Word Gallicized Definition of Gallicize
  • English Word Gallicizing Definition of Gallicize
  • English Word Gallied Definition Worried; flurried; frightened.
  • English Word Galliform Definition Like the Gallinae (or Galliformes) in structure.
  • English Word Galligaskins Definition Loose hose or breeches; leather leg quards. The word is used loosely and often in a jocose sense.