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  • English Word Gyral Definition Pertaining to a gyrus, or convolution.
  • English Word Gyrant Definition Gyrating.
  • English Word Gyrate Definition Winding or coiled round; curved into a circle; taking a circular course.
  • English Word Gyrate Definition To revolve round a central point; to move spirally about an axis, as a tornado; to revolve.
  • English Word Gyrated Definition of Gyrate
  • English Word Gyrating Definition of Gyrate
  • English Word Gyration Definition The act of turning or whirling, as around a fixed center; a circular or spiral motion; motion about an axis; rotation; revolution.
  • English Word Gyration Definition One of the whorls of a spiral univalve shell.
  • English Word Gyratory Definition Moving in a circle, or spirally; revolving; whirling around.
  • English Word Gyre Definition A circular motion, or a circle described by a moving body; a turn or revolution; a circuit.
  • English Word Gyre Definition To turn round; to gyrate.
  • English Word Gyreful Definition Abounding in gyres.
  • English Word Gyrencephala Definition The higher orders of Mammalia, in which the cerebrum is convoluted.
  • English Word Gyrfalcon Definition One of several species and varieties of large Arctic falcons, esp. Falco rusticolus and the white species F. Islandicus, both of which are circumpolar. The black and the gray are varieties of the former. See Illust. of Accipiter.
  • English Word Gyri Definition See Gyrus.
  • English Word Gyri Definition of Gyrus
  • English Word Gyrland Definition To garland.
  • English Word Gyrodus Definition A genus of extinct oolitic fishes, having rounded teeth in several rows adapted for crushing.
  • English Word Gyrogonite Definition The petrified fruit of the Chara hispida, a species of stonewort. See Stonewort.
  • English Word Gyroidal Definition Spiral in arrangement or action.
  • English Word Gyroidal Definition Having the planes arranged spirally, so that they incline all to the right (or left) of a vertical line; -- said of certain hemihedral forms.
  • English Word Gyroidal Definition Turning the plane of polarization circularly or spirally to the right or left.
  • English Word Gyrolepis Definition A genus of ganoid fishes, found in strata of the new red sandetone, and the lias bone beds.
  • English Word Gyroma Definition A turning round.
  • English Word Gyromancy Definition A kind of divination performed by drawing a ring or circle, and walking in or around it.
  • English Word Gyron Definition A subordinary of triangular form having one of its angles at the fess point and the opposite aide at the edge of the escutcheon. When there is only one gyron on the shield it is bounded by two lines drawn from the fess point, one horizontally to the dexter side, and one to the dexter chief corner.
  • English Word Gyronny Definition Covered with gyrons, or divided so as to form several gyrons; -- said of an escutcheon.
  • English Word Gyropigeon Definition A flying object simulating a pigeon in flight, when projected from a spring trap. It is used as a flying target in shooting matches.
  • English Word Gyroscope Definition A rotating wheel, mounted in a ring or rings, for illustrating the dynamics of rotating bodies, the composition of rotations, etc. It was devised by Professor W. R. Johnson, in 1832, by whom it was called the rotascope.
  • English Word Gyroscope Definition A form of the above apparatus, invented by M. Foucault, mounted so delicately as to render visible the rotation of the earth, through the tendency of the rotating wheel to preserve a constant plane of rotation, independently of the earth's motion.