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  • English Word Gynephobia Definition Hatred of women; repugnance to the society of women.
  • English Word Gynno Definition To begin. See Gin.
  • English Word Gynobase Definition A dilated base or receptacle, supporting a multilocular ovary.
  • English Word Gynobasic Definition Pertaining to, or having, a gynobase.
  • English Word Gynocracy Definition Female government; gynecocracy.
  • English Word Gynodioecious Definition Dioecious, but having some hermaphrodite or perfect flowers on an individual plant which bears mostly pistillate flowers.
  • English Word Gynoecium Definition The pistils of a flower, taken collectively. See Illust. of Carpophore.
  • English Word Gynophore Definition The pedicel raising the pistil or ovary above the stamens, as in the passion flower.
  • English Word Gynophore Definition One of the branches bearing the female gonophores, in certain Siphonophora.
  • English Word Gyp Definition A college servant; -- so called in Cambridge, England; at Oxford called a scout.
  • English Word Gyp'sine Definition Gypseous.
  • English Word Gypse Definition See Gypsum.
  • English Word Gypseous Definition Resembling or containing gypsum; partaking of the qualities of gypsum.
  • English Word Gypsey Definition A gypsy. See Gypsy.
  • English Word Gypsies Definition of Gypsy
  • English Word Gypsiferous Definition Containing gypsum.
  • English Word Gypsography Definition The act or art of engraving on gypsum.
  • English Word Gypsoplast Definition A cast taken in plaster of Paris, or in white lime.
  • English Word Gypsum Definition A mineral consisting of the hydrous sulphate of lime (calcium). When calcined, it forms plaster of Paris. Selenite is a transparent, crystalline variety; alabaster, a fine, white, massive variety.
  • English Word Gypsy Definition One of a vagabond race, whose tribes, coming originally from India, entered Europe in 14th or 15th centry, and are now scattered over Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Spain, England, etc., living by theft, fortune telling, horsejockeying, tinkering, etc. Cf. Bohemian, Romany.
  • English Word Gypsy Definition The language used by the gypsies.
  • English Word Gypsy Definition A dark-complexioned person.
  • English Word Gypsy Definition A cunning or crafty person
  • English Word Gypsy Definition Pertaining to, or suitable for, gypsies.
  • English Word Gypsy Definition To play the gypsy; to picnic in the woods.
  • English Word Gypsyism Definition The arts and practices or habits of gypsies; deception; cheating; flattery.
  • English Word Gypsyism Definition The state of a gypsy.
  • English Word Gypsywort Definition A labiate plant (the Lycopus Europaeus). Gypsies are said to stain their skin with its juice.
  • English Word Gyracanthus Definition A genus of fossil fishes, found in Devonian and carboniferous strata; -- so named from their round, sculptured spines.
  • English Word Gyral Definition Moving in a circular path or way; whirling; gyratory.