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  • English Word Gyroscopic Definition Pertaining to the gyroscope; resembling the motion of the gyroscope.
  • English Word Gyrostat Definition A modification of the gyroscope, consisting essentially of a fly wheel fixed inside a rigid case to which is attached a thin flange of metal for supporting the instrument. It is used in studying the dynamics of rotating bodies.
  • English Word Gyrostatic Definition Of or pertaining to the gyrostat or to gyrostatics.
  • English Word Gyrostatics Definition The doctrine or theory of the gyrostat, or of the phenomena of rotating bodies.
  • English Word Gyrus Definition A convoluted ridge between grooves; a convolution; as, the gyri of the brain; the gyri of brain coral. See Brain.
  • English Word Gyse Definition Guise.
  • English Word Gyte Definition Delirious; senselessly extravagant; as, the man is clean gyte.
  • English Word Gyve Definition A shackle; especially, one to confine the legs; a fetter.
  • English Word Gyve Definition To fetter; to shackle; to chain. H () the eighth letter of the English alphabet, is classed among the consonants, and is formed with the mouth organs in the same position as that of the succeeding vowel. It is used with certain consonants to form digraphs representing sounds which are not found in the alphabet, as sh, th, /, as in shall, thing, /ine (for zh see /274); also, to modify the sounds of some other letters, as when placed after c and p, with the former of which it represents a compound sound like that of tsh, as in charm (written also tch as in catch), with the latter, the sound of f, as in phase, phantom. In some words, mostly derived or introduced from foreign languages, h following c and g indicates that those consonants have the hard sound before e, i, and y, as in chemistry, chiromancy, chyle, Ghent, Ghibelline, etc.; in some others, ch has the sound of sh, as in chicane. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 153, 179, 181-3, 237-8.