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  • English Word Gabelle Definition A tax, especially on salt.
  • English Word Gabelleman Definition A gabeler.
  • English Word Gaber-lunzie Definition A beggar with a wallet; a licensed beggar.
  • English Word Gaberdine Definition A coarse frock or loose upper garment formerly worn by Jews; a mean dress.
  • English Word Gaberdine Definition See Gabardine.
  • English Word Gabert Definition A lighter, or vessel for inland navigation.
  • English Word Gabion Definition A hollow cylinder of wickerwork, like a basket without a bottom. Gabions are made of various sizes, and filled with earth in building fieldworks to shelter men from an enemy's fire.
  • English Word Gabion Definition An openwork frame, as of poles, filled with stones and sunk, to assist in forming a bar dyke, etc., as in harbor improvement.
  • English Word Gabionade Definition A traverse made with gabions between guns or on their flanks, protecting them from enfilading fire.
  • English Word Gabionade Definition A structure of gabions sunk in lines, as a core for a sand bar in harbor improvements.
  • English Word Gabionage Definition The part of a fortification built of gabions.
  • English Word Gabioned Definition Furnished with gabions.
  • English Word Gabionnade Definition See Gabionade.
  • English Word Gable Definition A cable.
  • English Word Gable Definition The vertical triangular portion of the end of a building, from the level of the cornice or eaves to the ridge of the roof. Also, a similar end when not triangular in shape, as of a gambrel roof and the like.
  • English Word Gable Definition The end wall of a building, as distinguished from the front or rear side.
  • English Word Gable Definition A decorative member having the shape of a triangular gable, such as that above a Gothic arch in a doorway.
  • English Word Gablet Definition A small gable, or gable-shaped canopy, formed over a tabernacle, niche, etc.
  • English Word Gablock Definition A false spur or gaff, fitted on the heel of a gamecock.
  • English Word Gaby Definition A simpleton; a dunce; a lout.
  • English Word Gad Definition The point of a spear, or an arrowhead.
  • English Word Gad Definition A pointed or wedge-shaped instrument of metal, as a steel wedge used in mining, etc.
  • English Word Gad Definition A sharp-pointed rod; a goad.
  • English Word Gad Definition A spike on a gauntlet; a gadling.
  • English Word Gad Definition A wedge-shaped billet of iron or steel.
  • English Word Gad Definition A rod or stick, as a fishing rod, a measuring rod, or a rod used to drive cattle with.
  • English Word Gad Definition To walk about; to rove or go about, without purpose; hence, to run wild; to be uncontrolled.
  • English Word Gadabout Definition A gadder
  • English Word Gadbee Definition The gadfly.
  • English Word Gadded Definition of Gad