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  • English Word Cadence Definition A fall of the voice in reading or speaking, especially at the end of a sentence.
  • English Word Cadence Definition A uniform time and place in marching.
  • English Word Cadence Definition A rhythmical modulation of the voice or of any sound; as, music of bells in cadence sweet.
  • English Word Cadence Definition The act or state of declining or sinking.
  • English Word Cadence Definition Rhythmical flow of language, in prose or verse.
  • English Word Cadency Definition Descent of related families; distinction between the members of a family according to their ages.
  • English Word Cadene Definition A species of inferior carpet imported from the Levant.
  • English Word Cadent Definition Falling.
  • English Word Cadenza Definition A parenthetic flourish or flight of ornament in the course of a piece, commonly just before the final cadence.
  • English Word Cader Definition See Cadre.
  • English Word Cadet Definition The younger of two brothers; a younger brother or son; the youngest son.
  • English Word Cadet Definition A gentleman who carries arms in a regiment, as a volunteer, with a view of acquiring military skill and obtaining a commission.
  • English Word Cadet Definition A young man in training for military or naval service; esp. a pupil in a military or naval school, as at West Point, Annapolis, or Woolwich.
  • English Word Cadetship Definition The position, rank, or commission of a cadet; as, to get a cadetship.
  • English Word Cadew Definition Alt. of Cadeworm
  • English Word Cadeworm Definition A caddice. See Caddice.
  • English Word Cadge Definition To carry, as a burden.
  • English Word Cadge Definition To hawk or peddle, as fish, poultry, etc.
  • English Word Cadge Definition To intrude or live on another meanly; to beg.
  • English Word Cadge Definition A circular frame on which cadgers carry hawks for sale.
  • English Word Cadged Definition of Cadge
  • English Word Cadger Definition A packman or itinerant huckster.
  • English Word Cadger Definition One who gets his living by trickery or begging.
  • English Word Cadger Definition One who carries hawks on a cadge.
  • English Word Cadging Definition of Cadge
  • English Word Cadgy Definition Cheerful or mirthful, as after good eating or drinking; also, wanton.
  • English Word Cadi Definition An inferior magistrate or judge among the Mohammedans, usually the judge of a town or village.
  • English Word Cadie Definition Alt. of Caddie
  • English Word Cadilesker Definition A chief judge in the Turkish empire, so named originally because his jurisdiction extended to the cases of soldiers, who are now tried only by their own officers.
  • English Word Cadillac Definition A large pear, shaped like a flattened top, used chiefly for cooking.