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  • English Word Cachectical Definition Having, or pertaining to, cachexia; as, cachectic remedies; cachectical blood.
  • English Word Cachepot Definition An ornamental casing for a flowerpot, of porcelain, metal, paper, etc.
  • English Word Cachet Definition A seal, as of a letter.
  • English Word Cachexia Definition Alt. of Cachexy
  • English Word Cachexy Definition A condition of ill health and impairment of nutrition due to impoverishment of the blood, esp. when caused by a specific morbid process (as cancer or tubercle).
  • English Word Cachinnation Definition Loud or immoderate laughter; -- often a symptom of hysterical or maniacal affections.
  • English Word Cachinnatory Definition Consisting of, or accompanied by, immoderate laughter.
  • English Word Cachiri Definition A fermented liquor made in Cayenne from the grated root of the manioc, and resembling perry.
  • English Word Cacholong Definition An opaque or milk-white chalcedony, a variety of quartz; also, a similar variety of opal.
  • English Word Cachou Definition A silvered aromatic pill, used to correct the odor of the breath.
  • English Word Cachucha Definition An Andalusian dance in three-four time, resembling the bolero.
  • English Word Cachunde Definition A pastil or troche, composed of various aromatic and other ingredients, highly celebrated in India as an antidote, and as a stomachic and antispasmodic.
  • English Word Cacique Definition See Cazique.
  • English Word Cack Definition To ease the body by stool; to go to stool.
  • English Word Cackerel Definition The mendole; a small worthless Mediterranean fish considered poisonous by the ancients. See Mendole.
  • English Word Cackle Definition To laugh with a broken noise, like the cackling of a hen or a goose; to giggle.
  • English Word Cackle Definition Idle talk; silly prattle.
  • English Word Cackle Definition The sharp broken noise made by a goose or by a hen that has laid an egg.
  • English Word Cackle Definition To make a sharp, broken noise or cry, as a hen or goose does.
  • English Word Cackle Definition To talk in a silly manner; to prattle.
  • English Word Cackled Definition of Cackle
  • English Word Cackler Definition A fowl that cackles.
  • English Word Cackler Definition One who prattles, or tells tales; a tattler.
  • English Word Cackling Definition of Cackle
  • English Word Cackling Definition The broken noise of a goose or a hen.
  • English Word Cacochymia Definition Alt. of Cacochymy
  • English Word Cacochymic Definition Alt. of Cacochymical
  • English Word Cacochymical Definition Having the fluids of the body vitiated, especially the blood.
  • English Word Cacochymy Definition A vitiated state of the humors, or fluids, of the body, especially of the blood.
  • English Word Cacodemon Definition The nightmare.