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  • English Word Cyprine Definition Of or pertaining to the cypress.
  • English Word Cyprine Definition Cyprinoid.
  • English Word Cyprinodont Definition One of the Cyprinodontidae, a family of fishes including the killifishes or minnows. See Minnow.
  • English Word Cyprinoid Definition Like the carp (Cyprinus).
  • English Word Cyprinoid Definition One of the Cyprinidae, or Carp family, as the goldfish, barbel, etc.
  • English Word Cypriot Definition A native or inhabitant of Cyprus.
  • English Word Cypripedium Definition A genus of orchidaceous plants including the lady's slipper.
  • English Word Cypris Definition A genus of small, bivalve, fresh-water Crustacea, belonging to the Ostracoda; also, a member of this genus.
  • English Word Cyprus Definition A thin, transparent stuff, the same as, or corresponding to, crape. It was either white or black, the latter being most common, and used for mourning.
  • English Word Cypruslawn Definition Same as Cyprus.
  • English Word Cypsela Definition A one-seeded, one-celled, indehiscent fruit; an achene with the calyx tube adherent.
  • English Word Cypseliform Definition Like or belonging to the swifts (Cypselidae.)
  • English Word Cyrenaic Definition Pertaining to Cyrenaica, an ancient country of northern Africa, and to Cyrene, its principal city; also, to a school of philosophy founded by Aristippus, a native of Cyrene.
  • English Word Cyrenaic Definition A native of Cyrenaica; also, a disciple of the school of Aristippus. See Cyrenian, n.
  • English Word Cyrenian Definition Pertaining to Cyrene, in Africa; Cyrenaic.
  • English Word Cyrenian Definition A native or inhabitant of Cyrene.
  • English Word Cyrenian Definition One of a school of philosophers, established at Cyrene by Aristippus, a disciple of Socrates. Their doctrines were nearly the same as those of the Epicureans.
  • English Word Cyriologic Definition Relating to capital letters.
  • English Word Cyrtostyle Definition A circular projecting portion.
  • English Word Cyst Definition A pouch or sac without opening, usually membranous and containing morbid matter, which is accidentally developed in one of the natural cavities or in the substance of an organ.
  • English Word Cyst Definition In old authors, the urinary bladder, or the gall bladder.
  • English Word Cyst Definition One of the bladders or air vessels of certain algae, as of the great kelp of the Pacific, and common rockweeds (Fuci) of our shores.
  • English Word Cyst Definition A small capsule or sac of the kind in which many immature entozoans exist in the tissues of living animals; also, a similar form in Rotifera, etc.
  • English Word Cyst Definition A form assumed by Protozoa in which they become saclike and quiescent. It generally precedes the production of germs. See Encystment.
  • English Word Cysted Definition Inclosed in a cyst.
  • English Word Cystic Definition Having the form of, or living in, a cyst; as, the cystic entozoa.
  • English Word Cystic Definition Containing cysts; cystose; as, cystic sarcoma.
  • English Word Cystic Definition Pertaining to, or contained in, a cyst; esp., pertaining to, or contained in, either the urinary bladder or the gall bladder.
  • English Word Cysticerce Definition Alt. of Cysticercus
  • English Word Cysticercus Definition The larval form of a tapeworm, having the head and neck of a tapeworm attached to a saclike body filled with fluid; -- called also bladder worm, hydatid, and measle (as, pork measle).