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  • English Word Cysticule Definition An appendage of the vestibular ear sac of fishes.
  • English Word Cystid Definition One of the Cystidea.
  • English Word Cystidea Definition An order of Crinoidea, mostly fossils of the Paleozoic rocks. They were usually roundish or egg-shaped, and often unsymmetrical; some were sessile, others had short stems.
  • English Word Cystidean Definition One of the Cystidea.
  • English Word Cystine Definition A white crystalline substance, C3H7NSO2, containing sulphur, occuring as a constituent of certain rare urinary calculi, and occasionally found as a sediment in urine.
  • English Word Cystis Definition A cyst. See Cyst.
  • English Word Cystitis Definition Inflammation of the bladder.
  • English Word Cystocarp Definition A minute vesicle in a red seaweed, which contains the reproductive spores.
  • English Word Cystocele Definition Hernia in which the urinary bladder protrudes; vesical hernia.
  • English Word Cystoid Definition Alt. of Cystoidean
  • English Word Cystoidea Definition Same as Cystidea.
  • English Word Cystoidean Definition Same as Cystidean.
  • English Word Cystolith Definition A concretion of mineral matter within a leaf or other part of a plant.
  • English Word Cystolith Definition A urinary calculus.
  • English Word Cystolithic Definition Relating to stone in the bladder.
  • English Word Cystoplast Definition A nucleated cell having an envelope or cell wall, as a red blood corpuscle or an epithelial cell; a cell concerned in growth.
  • English Word Cystose Definition Containing, or resembling, a cyst or cysts; cystic; bladdery.
  • English Word Cystotome Definition A knife or instrument used in cystotomy.
  • English Word Cystotomy Definition The act or practice of opening cysts; esp., the operation of cutting into the bladder, as for the extraction of a calculus.
  • English Word Cytherean Definition Pertaining to the goddess Venus.
  • English Word Cytoblast Definition The nucleus of a cell; the germinal or active spot of a cellule, through or in which cell development takes place.
  • English Word Cytoblastema Definition See Protoplasm.
  • English Word Cytococci Definition of Cytococcus
  • English Word Cytococcus Definition The nucleus of the cytula or parent cell.
  • English Word Cytode Definition A nonnucleated mass of protoplasm, the supposed simplest form of independent life differing from the amoeba, in which nuclei are present.
  • English Word Cytogenesis Definition Development of cells in animal and vegetable organisms. See Gemmation, Budding, Karyokinesis; also Cell development, under Cell.
  • English Word Cytogenetic Definition Of or pertaining to cytogenesis or cell development.
  • English Word Cytogenic Definition Alt. of Cytogenetic
  • English Word Cytogenous Definition Producing cells; -- applied esp. to lymphatic, or adenoid, tissue.
  • English Word Cytogeny Definition Cell production or development; cytogenesis.