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  • English Word Cacodemon Definition The nightmare.
  • English Word Cacodoxical Definition Heretical.
  • English Word Cacodoxy Definition Erroneous doctrine; heresy; heterodoxy.
  • English Word Cacodyl Definition Alkarsin; a colorless, poisonous, arsenical liquid, As2(CH3)4, spontaneously inflammable and possessing an intensely disagreeable odor. It is the type of a series of compounds analogous to the nitrogen compounds called hydrazines.
  • English Word Cacodylic Definition Of, pertaining to, or derived from, cacodyl.
  • English Word Cacoethes Definition A bad custom or habit; an insatiable desire; as, cacoethes scribendi, "The itch for writing".
  • English Word Cacoethes Definition A bad quality or disposition in a disease; an incurable ulcer.
  • English Word Cacogastric Definition Troubled with bad digestion.
  • English Word Cacographic Definition Pertaining to, or characterized by, cacography; badly written or spelled.
  • English Word Cacography Definition Incorrect or bad writing or spelling.
  • English Word Cacolet Definition A chair, litter, or other contrivance fitted to the back or pack saddle of a mule for carrying travelers in mountainous districts, or for the transportation of the sick and wounded of an army.
  • English Word Cacology Definition Bad speaking; bad choice or use of words.
  • English Word Cacomixl Definition A North American carnivore (Bassaris astuta), about the size of a cat, related to the raccoons. It inhabits Mexico, Texas, and California.
  • English Word Cacomixle Definition Alt. of Cacomixl
  • English Word Cacomixtle Definition Alt. of Cacomixl
  • English Word Cacoon Definition One of the seeds or large beans of a tropical vine (Entada scandens) used for making purses, scent bottles, etc.
  • English Word Cacophonic Definition Alt. of Cacophonious
  • English Word Cacophonical Definition Alt. of Cacophonious
  • English Word Cacophonies Definition of Cacophony
  • English Word Cacophonious Definition Harsh-sounding.
  • English Word Cacophonous Definition Alt. of Cacophonious
  • English Word Cacophony Definition An uncouth or disagreable sound of words, owing to the concurrence of harsh letters or syllables.
  • English Word Cacophony Definition A combination of discordant sounds.
  • English Word Cacophony Definition An unhealthy state of the voice.
  • English Word Cacotechny Definition A corruption or corrupt state of art.
  • English Word Cacoxene Definition Alt. of Cacoxenite
  • English Word Cacoxenite Definition A hydrous phosphate of iron occurring in yellow radiated tufts. The phosphorus seriously injures it as an iron ore.
  • English Word Cactaceous Definition Belonging to, or like, the family of plants of which the prickly pear is a common example.
  • English Word Cacti Definition of Cactus
  • English Word Cactus Definition Any plant of the order Cactacae, as the prickly pear and the night-blooming cereus. See Cereus. They usually have leafless stems and branches, often beset with clustered thorns, and are mostly natives of the warmer parts of America.