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  • English Word Vagaries Definition of Vagary
  • English Word Vagarious Definition Given to, or characterized by, vagaries; capricious; whimsical; crochety.
  • English Word Vagary Definition A wandering or strolling.
  • English Word Vagary Definition Hence, a wandering of the thoughts; a wild or fanciful freak; a whim; a whimsical purpose.
  • English Word Vagient Definition Crying like a child.
  • English Word Vagina Definition A sheath; a theca; as, the vagina of the portal vein.
  • English Word Vagina Definition Specifically, the canal which leads from the uterus to the external orifice if the genital canal, or to the cloaca.
  • English Word Vagina Definition The terminal part of the oviduct in insects and various other invertebrates. See Illust., of Spermatheca.
  • English Word Vagina Definition The basal expansion of certain leaves, which inwraps the stem; a sheath.
  • English Word Vagina Definition The shaft of a terminus, from which the bust of figure seems to issue or arise.
  • English Word Vaginae Definition of Vagina
  • English Word Vaginal Definition Of or pertaining to the vagina of the genital canal; as, the vaginal artery.
  • English Word Vaginal Definition Of or pertaining to a vagina; resembling a vagina, or sheath; thecal; as, a vaginal synovial membrane; the vaginal process of the temporal bone.
  • English Word Vaginant Definition Serving to in invest, or sheathe; sheathing.
  • English Word Vaginate Definition Alt. of Vaginated
  • English Word Vaginated Definition Invested with, or as if with, a sheath; as, a vaginate stem, or one invested by the tubular base of a leaf.
  • English Word Vaginati Definition A tribe of birds comprising the sheathbills.
  • English Word Vaginervose Definition Having the nerves, or veins, placed in apparent disorder.
  • English Word Vaginicola Definition A genus of Infusoria which form minute vaselike or tubular cases in which they dwell.
  • English Word Vaginismus Definition A painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina, often rendering copulation impossible.
  • English Word Vaginitis Definition Inflammation of the vagina, or the genital canal, usually of its mucous living membrane.
  • English Word Vaginopennous Definition Having elytra; sheath-winged.
  • English Word Vaginula Definition A little sheath, as that about the base of the pedicel of most mosses.
  • English Word Vaginula Definition One of the tubular florets in composite flowers.
  • English Word Vaginule Definition A vaginula.
  • English Word Vagissate Definition To caper or frolic.
  • English Word Vagous Definition Wandering; unsettled.
  • English Word Vagrancy Definition The quality or state of being a vagrant; a wandering without a settled home; an unsettled condition; vagabondism.
  • English Word Vagrant Definition Wandering from place to place without any settled habitation; as, a vagrant beggar.
  • English Word Vagrant Definition One who strolls from place to place; one who has no settled habitation; an idle wanderer; a sturdy beggar; an incorrigible rogue; a vagabond.