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  • English Word Vacuity Definition Space unfilled or unoccupied, or occupied with an invisible fluid only; emptiness; void; vacuum.
  • English Word Vacuity Definition Want of reality; inanity; nihility.
  • English Word Vacuna Definition The goddess of rural leisure, to whom the husbandmen sacrificed at the close of the harvest. She was especially honored by the Sabines.
  • English Word Vacuolated Definition Full of vacuoles, or small air cavities; as, vacuolated cells.
  • English Word Vacuolation Definition Formation into, or multiplication of, vacuoles.
  • English Word Vacuole Definition A small air cell, or globular space, in the interior of organic cells, either containing air, or a pellucid watery liquid, or some special chemical secretions of the cell protoplasm.
  • English Word Vacuous Definition Empty; unfilled; void; vacant.
  • English Word Vacuousness Definition The quality or state of being vacuous; emptiness; vacuity.
  • English Word Vacuum Definition A space entirely devoid of matter (called also, by way of distinction, absolute vacuum); hence, in a more general sense, a space, as the interior of a closed vessel, which has been exhausted to a high or the highest degree by an air pump or other artificial means; as, water boils at a reduced temperature in a vacuum.
  • English Word Vacuum Definition The condition of rarefaction, or reduction of pressure below that of the atmosphere, in a vessel, as the condenser of a steam engine, which is nearly exhausted of air or steam, etc.; as, a vacuum of 26 inches of mercury, or 13 pounds per square inch.
  • English Word Vacuums Definition of Vacuum
  • English Word Vadantes Definition An extensive artificial group of birds including the wading, swimming, and cursorial birds.
  • English Word Vade Definition To fade; hence, to vanish.
  • English Word Vade mecum Definition A book or other thing that a person carries with him as a constant companion; a manual; a handbook.
  • English Word Vadimony Definition A bond or pledge for appearance before a judge on a certain day.
  • English Word Vadium Definition Pledge; security; bail. See Mortgage.
  • English Word Vae Definition See Voe.
  • English Word Vafrous Definition Crafty; cunning; sly; as, vafrous tricks.
  • English Word Vagabond Definition Moving from place to place without a settled habitation; wandering.
  • English Word Vagabond Definition To play the vagabond; to wander like a vagabond; to stroll.
  • English Word Vagabond Definition One who wanders from place to place, having no fixed dwelling, or not abiding in it, and usually without the means of honest livelihood; a vagrant; a tramp; hence, a worthless person; a rascal.
  • English Word Vagabond Definition Floating about without any certain direction; driven to and fro.
  • English Word Vagabond Definition Being a vagabond; strolling and idle or vicious.
  • English Word Vagabondage Definition The condition of a vagabond; a state or habit of wandering about in idleness; vagrancy.
  • English Word Vagabondism Definition Vagabondage.
  • English Word Vagabondize Definition To play the vagabond; to wander about in idleness.
  • English Word Vagabondry Definition Vagabondage.
  • English Word Vagal Definition Of or pertaining to the vagus, or pneumogastric nerves; pneumogastric.
  • English Word Vagancy Definition A wandering; vagrancy.
  • English Word Vagantes Definition A tribe of spiders, comprising some of those which take their prey in a web, but which also frequently run with agility, and chase and seize their prey.