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  • English Word Pyrogen Definition A poison separable from decomposed meat infusions, and supposed to be formed from albuminous matter through the agency of bacteria.
  • English Word Pyrogenic Definition Producing heat; -- said of substances, as septic poisons, which elevate the temperature of the body and cause fever.
  • English Word Pyrogenous Definition Produced by fire; igneous.
  • English Word Pyrognostic Definition Of or pertaining to characters developed by the use of heat; pertaining to the characters of minerals when examined before the blowpipe; as, the pyrognostic characters of galena.
  • English Word Pyrognostics Definition The characters of a mineral observed by the use of the blowpipe, as the degree of fusibility, flame coloration, etc.
  • English Word Pyrography Definition A process of printing, ornamenting, or carving, by burning with heated instruments.
  • English Word Pyrolator Definition A fire worshiper.
  • English Word Pyrolatry Definition The worship of fire.
  • English Word Pyroligneous Definition Alt. of Pyrolignic
  • English Word Pyrolignic Definition Pertaining to, or designating, the acid liquid obtained in the distillation of wood, consisting essentially of impure acetic acid.
  • English Word Pyrolignous Definition Same as Pyroligneous.
  • English Word Pyrolithic Definition Same as Pyrouric, or Cyanuric.
  • English Word Pyrologist Definition One who is versed in, or makes a study of, pyrology.
  • English Word Pyrology Definition That branch of physical science which treats of the properties, phenomena, or effects of heat; also, a treatise on heat.
  • English Word Pyrolusite Definition Manganese dioxide, a mineral of an iron-black or dark steel-gray color and metallic luster, usually soft. Pyrolusite parts with its oxygen at a red heat, and is extensively used in discharging the brown and green tints of glass (whence its name).
  • English Word Pyromagnetic Definition Acting by the agency of heat and magnetism; as, a pyromagnetic machine for producing electric currents.
  • English Word Pyromalate Definition A salt of pyromalic acid.
  • English Word Pyromalic Definition Pertaining to, or designating, an acid now called maleic acid.
  • English Word Pyromancy Definition Divination by means of fire.
  • English Word Pyromania Definition An insane disposition to incendiarism.
  • English Word Pyromantic Definition Of or pertaining to pyromancy.
  • English Word Pyromantic Definition One who pretends to divine by fire.
  • English Word Pyrometer Definition An instrument used for measuring the expansion of solid bodies by heat.
  • English Word Pyrometer Definition An instrument for measuring degrees of heat above those indicated by the mercurial thermometer.
  • English Word Pyrometric Definition Alt. of Pyrometrical
  • English Word Pyrometrical Definition Pertaining to, or obtained by, the pyrometer; as, pyrometrical instruments; pyrometrical measurements.
  • English Word Pyrometry Definition The art of measuring degrees of heat, or the expansion of bodies by heat.
  • English Word Pyromorphite Definition Native lead phosphate with lead chloride, occurring in bright green and brown hexagonal crystals and also massive; -- so called because a fused globule crystallizes in cooling.
  • English Word Pyromorphous Definition Having the property of crystallizing by the agency of fire.
  • English Word Pyromucate Definition A salt of pyromucic acid.