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  • English Word Pyramidion Definition The small pyramid which crowns or completes an obelisk.
  • English Word Pyramidoid Definition A solid resembling a pyramid; -- called also pyramoid.
  • English Word Pyramis Definition A pyramid.
  • English Word Pyramoid Definition See Pyramidoid.
  • English Word Pyrargyrite Definition Ruby silver; dark red silver ore. It is a sulphide of antimony and silver, occurring in rhombohedral crystals or massive, and is of a dark red or black color with a metallic adamantine luster.
  • English Word Pyre Definition A funeral pile; a combustible heap on which the dead are burned; hence, any pile to be burnt.
  • English Word Pyrena Definition A nutlet resembling a seed, or the kernel of a drupe.
  • English Word Pyrenae Definition of Pyrena
  • English Word Pyrene Definition One of the less volatile hydrocarbons of coal tar, obtained as a white crystalline substance, C16H10.
  • English Word Pyrene Definition Same as Pyrena.
  • English Word Pyrenean Definition Of or pertaining to the Pyrenees, a range of mountains separating France and Spain.
  • English Word Pyrenean Definition The Pyrenees.
  • English Word Pyrenoid Definition A transparent body found in the chromatophores of certain Infusoria.
  • English Word Pyrethrin Definition A substance resembling, and isomeric with, ordinary camphor, and extracted from the essential oil of feverfew; -- called also Pyrethrum camphor.
  • English Word Pyrethrine Definition An alkaloid extracted from the root of the pellitory of Spain (Anacyclus pyrethrum).
  • English Word Pyretic Definition Of or pertaining to fever; febrile.
  • English Word Pyretology Definition A discourse or treatise on fevers; the doctrine of fevers.
  • English Word Pyrexia Definition The febrile condition.
  • English Word Pyrexiae Definition of Pyrexia
  • English Word Pyrexial Definition Alt. of Pyrexical
  • English Word Pyrexical Definition Of or pertaining to fever; feverish.
  • English Word Pyrgom Definition A variety of pyroxene; -- called also fassaite.
  • English Word Pyrheliometer Definition An instrument for measuring the direct heating effect of the sun's rays.
  • English Word Pyridic Definition Related to, or formed from, pyridin or its homologues; as, the pyridic bases.
  • English Word Pyridine Definition A nitrogenous base, C5H5N, obtained from the distillation of bone oil or coal tar, and by the decomposition of certain alkaloids, as a colorless liquid with a peculiar pungent odor. It is the nucleus of a large number of organic substances, among which several vegetable alkaloids, as nicotine and certain of the ptomaines, may be mentioned. See Lutidine.
  • English Word Pyridyl Definition A hypothetical radical, C5H4N, regarded as the essential residue of pyridine, and analogous to phenyl.
  • English Word Pyriform Definition Having the form of a pear; pear-shaped.
  • English Word Pyritaceous Definition Of or pertaining to pyrites. See Pyritic.
  • English Word Pyrite Definition A common mineral of a pale brass-yellow color and brilliant metallic luster, crystallizing in the isometric system; iron pyrites; iron disulphide.
  • English Word Pyrites Definition of Pyrite