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  • English Word Pyrites Definition A name given to a number of metallic minerals, sulphides of iron, copper, cobalt, nickel, and tin, of a white or yellowish color.
  • English Word Pyritic Definition Alt. of Pyritical
  • English Word Pyritical Definition Of or pertaining to pyrites; consisting of, or resembling, pyrites.
  • English Word Pyritiferous Definition Containing or producing pyrites.
  • English Word Pyritize Definition To convert into pyrites.
  • English Word Pyritohedral Definition Like pyrites in hemihedral form.
  • English Word Pyritohedron Definition The pentagonal dodecahedron, a common form of pyrite.
  • English Word Pyritoid Definition Pyritohedron.
  • English Word Pyritology Definition The science of blowpipe analysis.
  • English Word Pyritous Definition Pyritic.
  • English Word Pyro Definition Abbreviation of pyrogallic acid.
  • English Word Pyro- Definition Alt. of Pyr-
  • English Word Pyroacetic Definition Pertaining to, and designating, a substance (acetone) obtained by the distillation of the acetates. It is now called also pyroacetic ether, and formerly was called pyroacetic spirit.
  • English Word Pyroacid Definition An acid obtained by sybjecting another acid to the action of heat. Cf. Pyro-.
  • English Word Pyroantimonate Definition A salt of pyroantimonic acid.
  • English Word Pyroantimonic Definition Pertaining to, or designating, an acid of antimony analogous to pyrophosphoric acid.
  • English Word Pyroarsenate Definition A salt of pyroarsenic acid.
  • English Word Pyroarsenic Definition Pertaining to or designating, an acid of arsenic analogous to pyrophosphoric acid.
  • English Word Pyroborate Definition A salt of pyroboric acid.
  • English Word Pyroboric Definition Pertaining to derived from, or designating, an acid, H2B4O7 (called also tetraboric acid), which is the acid ingredient of ordinary borax, and is obtained by heating boric acid.
  • English Word Pyrocatechin Definition A white crystalline substance, C6H4(OH)2, of the phenol series, found in various plants; -- so called because first obtained by distillation of gum catechu. Called also catechol, oxyphenol. etc.
  • English Word Pyrochlore Definition A niobate of calcium, cerium, and other bases, occurring usually in octahedrons of a yellowish or brownish color and resinous luster; -- so called from its becoming grass-green on being subjected to heat under the blowpipe.
  • English Word Pyrocitric Definition Pertaining to, or designating, any one of three acids obtained by the distillation of citric acid, and called respectively citraconic, itaconic, and mesaconic acid.
  • English Word Pyroelectric Definition Pertaining to, or dependent on, pyroelectricity; receiving electric polarity when heated.
  • English Word Pyroelectric Definition A substance which becomes electrically polar when heated, exhibiting opposite charges of statical electricity at two separate parts, especially the two extremities.
  • English Word Pyroelectricity Definition Electricity developed by means of heat; the science which treats of electricity thus developed.
  • English Word Pyrogallate Definition A salt of pyrogallic acid; an ether of pyrogallol.
  • English Word Pyrogallic Definition Pertaining to, derived from, or designating, an acid called pyrogallol. See Pyrogallol.
  • English Word Pyrogallol Definition A phenol metameric with phloroglucin, obtained by the distillation of gallic acid as a poisonous white crystalline substance having acid properties, and hence called also pyrogallic acid. It is a strong reducer, and is used as a developer in photography and in the production of certain dyes.
  • English Word Pyrogen Definition Electricity.