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  • English Word Pyebald Definition See Piebald.
  • English Word Pyelitis Definition Inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney.
  • English Word Pyemia Definition See PyAemia.
  • English Word Pyet Definition A magpie; a piet.
  • English Word Pygal Definition Situated in the region of the rump, or posterior end of the backbone; -- applied especially to the posterior median plates in the carapace of chelonians.
  • English Word Pygarg Definition Alt. of Pygargus
  • English Word Pygargus Definition A quadruped, probably the addax, an antelope having a white rump.
  • English Word Pygargus Definition The female of the hen harrier.
  • English Word Pygargus Definition The sea eagle.
  • English Word Pygidia Definition of Pygidium
  • English Word Pygidium Definition The caudal plate of trilobites, crustacean, and certain insects. See Illust. of Limulus and Trilobite.
  • English Word Pygmean Definition Of or pertaining to a pygmy; resembling a pygmy or dwarf; dwarfish; very small.
  • English Word Pygmies Definition of Pygmy
  • English Word Pygmy Definition Alt. of Pygmean
  • English Word Pygmy Definition One of a fabulous race of dwarfs who waged war with the cranes, and were destroyed.
  • English Word Pygmy Definition Hence, a short, insignificant person; a dwarf.
  • English Word Pygobranchia Definition A division of opisthobranchiate mollusks having the branchiae in a wreath or group around the anal opening, as in the genus Doris.
  • English Word Pygopod Definition One of the Pygopodes.
  • English Word Pygopod Definition Any species of serpentiform lizards of the family Pygopodidae, which have rudimentary hind legs near the anal cleft, but lack fore legs.
  • English Word Pygopodous Definition Of or pertaining to the Pygopodes.
  • English Word Pygostyle Definition The plate of bone which forms the posterior end of the vertebral column in most birds; the plowshare bone; the vomer. It is formed by the union of a number of the last caudal vertebrae, and supports the uropigium.
  • English Word Pygropodes Definition A division of swimming birds which includes the grebes, divers, auks, etc., in which the legs are placed far back.
  • English Word Pyin Definition An albuminoid constituent of pus, related to mucin, possibly a mixture of substances rather than a single body.
  • English Word Pyjama Definition In India and Persia, thin loose trowsers or drawers; in Europe and America, drawers worn at night, or a kind of nightdress with legs.
  • English Word Pykar Definition An ancient English fishing boat.
  • English Word Pyla Definition The passage between the iter and optocoele in the brain.
  • English Word Pylae Definition of Pyla
  • English Word Pylagore Definition a deputy of a State at the Amphictyonic council.
  • English Word Pylangia Definition of Pylangium
  • English Word Pylangium Definition The first and undivided part of the aortic trunk in the amphibian heart.