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  • English Word Madame Definition My lady; -- a French title formerly given to ladies of quality; now, in France, given to all married women.
  • English Word Madams Definition of Madam
  • English Word Madbrain Definition Hot-headed; rash.
  • English Word Madbrain Definition A rash or hot-headed person.
  • English Word Madbrained Definition Disordered in mind; hot-headed.
  • English Word Madcap Definition Inclined to wild sports; delighting in rash, absurd, or dangerous amusements.
  • English Word Madcap Definition Wild; reckless.
  • English Word Madcap Definition A person of wild behavior; an excitable, rash, violent person.
  • English Word Madded Definition of Mad
  • English Word Madden Definition To make mad; to drive to madness; to craze; to excite violently with passion; to make very angry; to enrage.
  • English Word Madden Definition To become mad; to act as if mad.
  • English Word Maddened Definition of Madden
  • English Word Maddening Definition of Madden
  • English Word Madder Definition A plant of the Rubia (R. tinctorum). The root is much used in dyeing red, and formerly was used in medicine. It is cultivated in France and Holland. See Rubiaceous.
  • English Word Madderwort Definition A name proposed for any plant of the same natural order (Rubiaceae) as the madder.
  • English Word Madding Definition of Mad
  • English Word Madding Definition Affected with madness; raging; furious.
  • English Word Maddish Definition Somewhat mad.
  • English Word Made Definition of Make
  • English Word Made Definition See Mad, n.
  • English Word Made Definition imp. & p. p. of Make.
  • English Word Made Definition Artificially produced; pieced together; formed by filling in; as, made ground; a made mast, in distinction from one consisting of a single spar.
  • English Word Madecass Definition Alt. of Madecassee
  • English Word Madecassee Definition Of or pertaining to Madagascar or its inhabitants.
  • English Word Madecassee Definition A native or inhabitant of Madagascar, or Madecassee; the language of the natives of Madagascar. See Malagasy.
  • English Word Madefaction Definition Alt. of Madefication
  • English Word Madefication Definition The act of madefying, or making wet; the state of that which is made wet.
  • English Word Madefied Definition of Madefy
  • English Word Madefy Definition To make wet or moist.
  • English Word Madefying Definition of Madefy