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  • English Word Macrometer Definition An instrument for determining the size or distance of inaccessible objects by means of two reflectors on a common sextant.
  • English Word Macron Definition A short, straight, horizontal mark [-], placed over vowels to denote that they are to be pronounced with a long sound; as, a, in dame; /, in s/am, etc.
  • English Word Macropetalous Definition Having long or large petals.
  • English Word Macrophyllous Definition Having long or large leaves.
  • English Word Macropinacoid Definition One of the two planes of an orthorhombic crystal which are parallel to the vertical and longer lateral (macrodiagonal) axes.
  • English Word Macropod Definition Any one of a group of maioid crabs remarkable for the length of their legs; -- called also spider crab.
  • English Word Macropodal Definition Having long or large feet, or a long stem.
  • English Word Macropodian Definition A macropod.
  • English Word Macropodous Definition Having long legs or feet.
  • English Word Macroprism Definition A prism of an orthorhombic crystal between the macropinacoid and the unit prism; the corresponding pyramids are called macropyramids.
  • English Word Macropteres Definition A division of birds; the Longipennes.
  • English Word Macropterous Definition Having long wings.
  • English Word Macropus Definition genus of marsupials including the common kangaroo.
  • English Word Macropyramid Definition See Macroprism.
  • English Word Macroscopic Definition Alt. of Macroscopical
  • English Word Macroscopical Definition Visible to the unassisted eye; -- as opposed to microscopic.
  • English Word Macrosporangium Definition A sporangium or conceptacle containing only large spores; -- opposed to microsporangium. Both are found in the genera Selaginella, Isoctes, and Marsilia, plants remotely allied to ferns.
  • English Word Macrospore Definition One of the specially large spores of certain flowerless plants, as Selaginella, etc.
  • English Word Macrosporic Definition Of or pertaining to macrospores.
  • English Word Macrotone Definition Same as Macron.
  • English Word Macrotous Definition Large-eared.
  • English Word Macroura Definition Alt. of Macroural
  • English Word Macroural Definition Same as Macrura, Macrural, etc.
  • English Word Macrozoospore Definition A large motile spore having four vibratile cilia; -- found in certain green algae.
  • English Word Macrura Definition A subdivision of decapod Crustacea, having the abdomen largely developed. It includes the lobster, prawn, shrimp, and many similar forms. Cf. Decapoda.
  • English Word Macrural Definition Same as Macrurous.
  • English Word Macruran Definition One of the Macrura.
  • English Word Macruroid Definition Like or pertaining to the Macrura.
  • English Word Macrurous Definition Of or pertaining to the Macrura; having a long tail.
  • English Word Mactation Definition The act of killing a victim for sacrifice.