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  • English Word Macle Definition A twin crystal.
  • English Word Macled Definition Marked like macle (chiastolite).
  • English Word Macled Definition Having a twin structure. See Twin, a.
  • English Word Macled Definition See Mascled.
  • English Word Maclurea Definition A genus of spiral gastropod shells, often of large size, characteristic of the lower Silurian rocks.
  • English Word Maclurin Definition See Morintannic.
  • English Word Macrame lace Definition A coarse lace made of twine, used especially in decorating furniture.
  • English Word Macrencephalic Definition Alt. of Macrencephalous
  • English Word Macrencephalous Definition Having a large brain.
  • English Word Macro- Definition A combining form signifying long, large, great; as macrodiagonal, macrospore.
  • English Word Macro-chemistry Definition The science which treats of the chemical properties, actions or relations of substances in quantity; -- distinguished from micro-chemistry.
  • English Word Macrobiotic Definition Long-lived.
  • English Word Macrobiotics Definition The art of prolonging life.
  • English Word Macrocephalous Definition Having the cotyledons of a dicotyledonous embryo confluent, and forming a large mass compared with the rest of the body.
  • English Word Macrocephalous Definition Having a large head.
  • English Word Macrochires Definition A division of birds including the swifts and humming birds. So called from the length of the distal part of the wing.
  • English Word Macrocosm Definition The great world; that part of the universe which is exterior to man; -- contrasted with microcosm, or man. See Microcosm.
  • English Word Macrocosmic Definition Of or pertaining to the macrocosm.
  • English Word Macrocystis Definition An immensely long blackish seaweed of the Pacific (Macrocystis pyrifera), having numerous almond-shaped air vessels.
  • English Word Macrodactyl Definition One of a group of wading birds (Macrodactyli) having very long toes.
  • English Word Macrodactylic Definition Alt. of Macrodactylous
  • English Word Macrodactylous Definition Having long toes.
  • English Word Macrodiagonal Definition The longer of two diagonals, as of a rhombic prism. See Crystallization.
  • English Word Macrodome Definition A dome parallel to the longer lateral axis of an orthorhombic crystal. See Dome, n., 4.
  • English Word Macrodont Definition Having large teeth.
  • English Word Macrodont Definition A macrodont animal.
  • English Word Macrofarad Definition See Megafarad.
  • English Word Macroglossia Definition Enlargement or hypertrophy of the tongue.
  • English Word Macrognathic Definition Long-jawed.
  • English Word Macrology Definition Long and tedious talk without much substance; superfluity of words.