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  • English Word Ablegation Definition The act of sending abroad.
  • English Word Ablen Definition A small fresh-water fish (Leuciscus alburnus); the bleak.
  • English Word Ableness Definition Ability of body or mind; force; vigor.
  • English Word Ablepsy Definition Blindness.
  • English Word Abler Definition comp. of Able.
  • English Word Abler Definition superl. of Able.
  • English Word Ablet Definition Alt. of Ablen
  • English Word Abligate Definition To tie up so as to hinder from.
  • English Word Abligurition Definition Prodigal expense for food.
  • English Word Ablins Definition Perhaps.
  • English Word Ablins Definition Perhaps; possibly.
  • English Word Abloom Definition In or into bloom; in a blooming state.
  • English Word Ablude Definition To be unlike; to differ.
  • English Word Abluent Definition Washing away; carrying off impurities; detergent.
  • English Word Abluent Definition A detergent.
  • English Word Ablush Definition Blushing; ruddy.
  • English Word Ablution Definition The act of washing or cleansing; specifically, the washing of the body, or some part of it, as a religious rite.
  • English Word Ablution Definition The water used in cleansing.
  • English Word Ablution Definition A small quantity of wine and water, which is used to wash the priest's thumb and index finger after the communion, and which then, as perhaps containing portions of the consecrated elements, is drunk by the priest.
  • English Word Ablutionary Definition Pertaining to ablution.
  • English Word Abluvion Definition That which is washed off.
  • English Word Ably Definition In an able manner; with great ability; as, ably done, planned, said.
  • English Word Abnegate Definition To deny and reject; to abjure.
  • English Word Abnegated Definition of Abnegate
  • English Word Abnegating Definition of Abnegate
  • English Word Abnegation Definition a denial; a renunciation.
  • English Word Abnegative Definition Denying; renouncing; negative.
  • English Word Abnegator Definition One who abnegates, denies, or rejects anything.
  • English Word Abnet Definition The girdle of a Jewish priest or officer.
  • English Word Abnodate Definition To clear (tress) from knots.