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  • English Word Abjured Definition of Abjure
  • English Word Abjurement Definition Renunciation.
  • English Word Abjurer Definition One who abjures.
  • English Word Abjuring Definition of Abjure
  • English Word Ablactate Definition To wean.
  • English Word Ablactation Definition The weaning of a child from the breast, or of young beasts from their dam.
  • English Word Ablactation Definition The process of grafting now called inarching, or grafting by approach.
  • English Word Ablaqueate Definition To lay bare, as the roots of a tree.
  • English Word Ablaqueation Definition The act or process of laying bare the roots of trees to expose them to the air and water.
  • English Word Ablastemic Definition Non-germinal.
  • English Word Ablation Definition A carrying or taking away; removal.
  • English Word Ablation Definition Extirpation.
  • English Word Ablation Definition Wearing away; superficial waste.
  • English Word Ablatitious Definition Diminishing; as, an ablatitious force.
  • English Word Ablative Definition Taking away or removing.
  • English Word Ablative Definition Applied to one of the cases of the noun in Latin and some other languages, -- the fundamental meaning of the case being removal, separation, or taking away.
  • English Word Ablative Definition The ablative case.
  • English Word Ablaut Definition The substitution of one root vowel for another, thus indicating a corresponding modification of use or meaning; vowel permutation; as, get, gat, got; sing, song; hang, hung.
  • English Word Ablaze Definition On fire; in a blaze, gleaming.
  • English Word Ablaze Definition In a state of glowing excitement or ardent desire.
  • English Word Able Definition Fit; adapted; suitable.
  • English Word Able Definition To vouch for.
  • English Word Able Definition To make able; to enable; to strengthen.
  • English Word Able Definition Specially: Having intellectual qualifications, or strong mental powers; showing ability or skill; talented; clever; powerful; as, the ablest man in the senate; an able speech.
  • English Word Able Definition Having sufficient power, strength, force, skill, means, or resources of any kind to accomplish the object; possessed of qualifications rendering competent for some end; competent; qualified; capable; as, an able workman, soldier, seaman, a man able to work; a mind able to reason; a person able to be generous; able to endure pain; able to play on a piano.
  • English Word Able Definition Legally qualified; possessed of legal competence; as, able to inherit or devise property.
  • English Word Able-bodied Definition Having a sound, strong body; physically competent; robust.
  • English Word Able-minded Definition Having much intellectual power.
  • English Word Ablegate Definition To send abroad.
  • English Word Ablegate Definition A representative of the pope charged with important commissions in foreign countries, one of his duties being to bring to a newly named cardinal his insignia of office.