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  • English Word Azote Definition Same as Nitrogen.
  • English Word Azoth Definition The first principle of metals, i. e., mercury, which was formerly supposed to exist in all metals, and to be extractable from them.
  • English Word Azoth Definition The universal remedy of Paracelsus.
  • English Word Azotic Definition Pertaining to azote, or nitrogen; formed or consisting of azote; nitric; as, azotic gas; azotic acid.
  • English Word Azotite Definition A salt formed by the combination of azotous, or nitrous, acid with a base; a nitrite.
  • English Word Azotize Definition To impregnate with azote, or nitrogen; to nitrogenize.
  • English Word Azotized Definition of Azotize
  • English Word Azotizing Definition of Azotize
  • English Word Azotometer Definition An apparatus for measuring or determining the proportion of nitrogen; a nitrometer.
  • English Word Azotous Definition Nitrous; as, azotous acid.
  • English Word Aztec Definition Of or relating to one of the early races in Mexico that inhabited the great plateau of that country at the time of the Spanish conquest in 1519.
  • English Word Aztec Definition One of the Aztec race or people.
  • English Word Azure Definition Sky-blue; resembling the clear blue color of the unclouded sky; cerulean; also, cloudless.
  • English Word Azure Definition The lapis lazuli.
  • English Word Azure Definition The clear blue color of the sky; also, a pigment or dye of this color.
  • English Word Azure Definition The blue vault above; the unclouded sky.
  • English Word Azure Definition A blue color, represented in engraving by horizontal parallel lines.
  • English Word Azure Definition To color blue.
  • English Word Azured Definition Of an azure color; sky-blue.
  • English Word Azureous Definition Of a fine blue color; azure.
  • English Word Azurine Definition Azure.
  • English Word Azurine Definition The blue roach of Europe (Leuciscus caeruleus); -- so called from its color.
  • English Word Azurite Definition Blue carbonate of copper; blue malachite.
  • English Word Azurn Definition Azure.
  • English Word Azygous Definition Odd; having no fellow; not one of a pair; single; as, the azygous muscle of the uvula.
  • English Word Azym Definition Alt. of Azyme
  • English Word Azyme Definition Unleavened bread.
  • English Word Azymic Definition Azymous.
  • English Word Azymite Definition One who administered the Eucharist with unleavened bread; -- a name of reproach given by those of the Greek church to the Latins.
  • English Word Azymous Definition Unleavened; unfermented. B () is the second letter of the English alphabet. (See Guide to Pronunciation, // 196, 220.) It is etymologically related to p, v, f, w and m , letters representing sounds having a close organic affinity to its own sound; as in Eng. bursar and purser; Eng. bear and Lat. ferre; Eng. silver and Ger. silber; Lat. cubitum and It. gomito; Eng. seven, Anglo-Saxon seofon, Ger. sieben, Lat. septem, Gr."epta`, Sanskrit saptan. The form of letter B is Roman, from Greek B (Beta), of Semitic origin. The small b was formed by gradual change from the capital B.